“Nakakapangilabot. Pero hindi pa kami sumusuko. May bukas pa” Mary Jane Veloso’s Plight Abroad and Our Case Back Home

For days now, netizens are abuzz with the news of Mary Jane Veloso’s imminent execution by firing squad on Nusakumbangan Island in Indonesia. Her sad, hopeless situation in Indonesia has made news once again, and it does so little to comfort us back home.

Many people have cast their doubts whether she will make it out alive or not. Most of us have depended her life to God for mercy, just in case a miracle happens. Others have just sighed deeply for the sentence has been absolute, now that the latest appeal has just been rejected by the Sleman District Court.

Dura lex sed lex. The law is harsh, but it is the law. The Indonesian law is so harsh that it created a wave of criticism from other nations. But who are we to appeal now?

I would like to express my deep disappointment, regret, and sadness towards the slowness and the procrastination of the Philippine Government, the iron-willed, unmerciful law of Indonesia, and — with this I am beyond disappointment — the person who duped Mary Jane.

We all know why we are immensely dissatisfied with the action of our own government. It is because five years is a lot of time for them to help Mary Jane be spared from firing squad. It has been five years since she was sentenced to death, two Indonesian presidents have changed hands already, and appeals for clemency has been ignored, and the very culprit is still roaming free like nothing happened! This is terrible, horrible, and vile.

Dear PNP, President Noynoy Aquino, DILG, NBI, I hope you will do more than just assist Mary Jane’s family by bringing them to Indonesia to see her for the last time. You know that her family has been getting death threats. You know that the perpetrator who is still at large has warned the Velosos not to approach you for she is being backed by a large syndicate and can murder them one by one. Can you believe this suspect’s gall? I still have an ounce of faith in you, Philippine Government, so please protect her family, as you with all the other families facing similar dangers.

I believe that Mary Jane Veloso is innocent. She came to Kuala Lumpur to work for her family, thinking that everything will be fine. Until the day she was brought in for questioning, and until she was sentenced to death…her life has been in complete turmoil, a complete opposite of what she had expected all along in the first place. Out of all the progress in five years this case has made, only one stood out for me: Mary Jane’s resolve to even forgive the one who deceived her. That person, including the syndicate that is backing her up, deserves to spend time behind bars. Mary Jane has done just that, and more. Unfortunately, Mary Jane does not deserve any of this pain, and the loneliness that took over her for five long years. No-one can ever understand that much pain and suffering. We can only imagine.

And now, with a few hours left before she will be staring into the guns that will ultimately end her life, prayers can only be our solace to comfort us from this grievance, but it cannot help reverse the sentence the district court has handed down. After this, we will not be silenced.

We cannot be like this for ever.

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