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This is something that got me interested in tuning anew to BITAG LIVE: a program/segment which featured the Filipino-blooded law enforcement people with their lives and duties in Northern California.

PINOY U.S. COPS RIDE ALONG first aired at around the last quarter of the year 2011 in both channels of UNTV and AKSYON TV. It was in UNTV because of Ben Tulfo’s main daily program BITAG LIVE and it’s part of their numerous segments. While on the AKSYON TV, they were contracted to be part of the channel’s ORIGINALS program block time. The program aired its first two seasons there and the third will be aired at PTV 4 on the first Saturday of August 2012, if they get it right (I only heard that anyway) and still on BITAG LIVE at 37 as well.

The likes of James Delos Santos, Jeff Camillosa, Hans Castillo and the others whom were destined at the places of Daly City, San Mateo County, South San Francisco, Northern California. (though not in exact location. I just tried to retrieve everything though.)

PINOY U.S. COPS showcases the life and times of each patrol officer who’s an identified Filipino either by blood or born and raised as one, on its operations on different cases involving gang task force, domestic violence, traffic stop, and the likes with each officer patrolling on an 8-10 hour duty on a daily basis shift around the vicinity.

On how they effectively managed the peace and order situation on the streets, on they control the situations that the 911 Communication party reports to them, and how they capture the fugitives and control the parolees.

My take? Hmmm…

It’s a good program. I mean an informative one, which shows how the law works on a civilized society like on the West Coast despite gangsters all over on them. How their system works on keeping the situation calm and peaceful at times. One thing that it may be lacking though is the focus on the lives of the patrol officers off-duty. However, it’s their concept anyway, no problem with that.

It’s a nice thing to notice that the Filipino patrol officers in the Northern California had been flying up high there and doing a somehow excellent job in the law enforcement side of life, something that is considered as one of the dangerous jobs a man ever has. You have to deal with crimes which are threatening to humanity and society at times.

Thumbs up to Mr. Ben Tulfo for putting up PINOY U.S. COPS RIDE ALONG. Every police should learn to dig this instead of resorting to any act of corruption, which may be an effect of a… you know, certain problems that includes poverty or what-so-ever. It’s 4 out of 5 stars for me.

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Date: 07/05/2012

Time: 01:35 PM

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