My Nanny, My Baby

Today, my ‘daughter’ Dang from another mother is celebrating her __nd birthday. I got sentimental looking at her pictures…
Flashback to April 1996, her lola Bining (my sewer) brought her to me when she was only in her teens. She was the eldest among 5 siblings and they lost their mother early in life. Ulila sa ina, yes. And I became her second nanay, so to speak, and she lovingly became my four little kids’ dear “Ate”. <3 <3 <3 <3
She was the typical shy and scared girl; so low in self-confidence. @[email protected] Wanting her to overcome that and develop her social skills, I encouraged her to enroll, first in Manpower Calamba, where she tried her hand in dressmaking, and then later on at LCBA so she could pursue college studies.
Being the eldest, I knew she wanted a better life for her siblings and her sickly father in the province, so i “pushed” her to dream bigger, to aim higher.
And boy, did I see how determined she was to improve herself!
She would be reading and writing until late at night, asking for my help whenever she has difficulties. Yes, i became her personal tutor which I immensely enjoyed; seeing how much she wanted to improve herself. My eager scholar in the late 90’s.
But no, she wasn’t able to finsih her college. Why? Because the Lord answered our prayers real fast! <3 She got lucky being hired in a big company which accepts college level applicants, She stayed there for almost 2 decades.
“Masunurin.” She understood that lovelife has no place in her life then. “Pangarap muna.” And her dream was to be able to help her family. Well, definitely >>>> Achieved. <3
I remember her telling me before…”Ate, kahit mag-asawa na ako or magkapamilya, gusto ko magkakasama pa rin tayo.”
I told her then…no. That can’t be possible, because when you finally have your own family, you need to learn to live on your own as you build your own home. Scared of the future pa kasi siya noon. perhaps, having me around, she felt protected and safe. ^_^
I got to meet her whole family in Pangasinan and isabela. Her siblings used to spend their vacation at our humble home.
She got married only when she was 29. <3
Fastforward to year 2019. She’s got her own happy family. <3 Though you can’t call her ‘rich’ by the standards of many, she and her better half and only child are living comfortably, have a service tricycle and a PUJ which they rent out plus a small business.
Life is good! <3
On a side note, I just want to share that sometimes, even just a little help to someone who needs it so badly, could be soooo life-changing.
And I am doubly glad that she came into our life. <3 I remember introducing her to family and friends as my “panganay”, because she was a sweet little soul who helped care for my kids….with so much dedication.
I will love her F-O-R-E-V-E-R! <3
<3 Thank you for the love. <3


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