My Last Love Letter

to the person I’ve considered my life…..

The day you came into my life, I told myself I would love you for the rest of my life, never gonna hurt and never ever leave you. You were my best friend, my brother and my everything.
I was so deeply in love with you. It feels like it was a never ending happiness for me.
Until one day, you said, “I don’t want to hurt you but I need to tell you this…
I WANNA BROKE UP WITH YOU…I still love her..”
I refuse to believe at first, I never thought that you would do that to me, but when I heard your voice telling your sorry tears fell down my cheeks.
I was begging you to stay and never leave me, but you said it would be better if I let go of you.
I was totally hurt; I know I can still have you back and I won’t give up on you that easy.
I need to be strong, I have to fight for our love. But then truth tells me that I don’t really need to fight there is no more battle coz I already lost from the start.
I knew it, but I cannot accept it.
If I only knew that it will be the last time, I should have held you and never ever let you go.
Those kiss, whisper and embrace was the last…I know you’re gone now.
I thought our love was enough for us to stay together, it was a sad ending.
But its God’s will.
I know you’re happy now wherever you are.. And me, here I am hurting
Trying to put back all the pieces that has been broken.
Those days, it is all gone now. How can I forget? How can I start all over again??
You hurt me, I can help but hate you..
But still I can’t get mad that much maybe because I love you more than I hate you.
I know I can’t get you back, and I won’t be seeing you for the rest of my life.
It been five months now and it’s still feels like yesterday.
This is one of the saddest part of my life, the most painful time I ever had,
The sadness of the night brings back all the days we had, the time you have to leave me and the moment is surrender you.
Even the silence reminds me of all the sorrow, the pain and the hopelessness.
Let me suffer in silence, till I get over you.
Slowly, I can let you go.. and I will be me once again..
I ‘m sorry if you see me falling apart. I will keep my promise, I will move on..
But you always be a part of me..
Hear me say this, one last time…’I’m happy to found you, and be part of your life. I discovered a world that’s beautiful because of you even if it’s only for a while..”
I learned a lot from you, and you thought me how and when to know if it’s still real.

I’m letting go of you’s time to set myself free..
Don’t worry I will treasure all those memory that we share together.
And I’m looking forward to the day that I can say “hello” and be real friends with you all over again with No more hurts and bitterness..

I forgot to tell you this….

Thank you for all the things you’ve given me.. the love, care, understanding and also the pain.. it all made me even stronger…I won’t regret the day that I met you and all the things I did for you.. it’s not fake, I did it with all my heart without expecting anything in return… as I said I will treasure all those memories here inside my heart.. it’s a love story and not a fairy tale that has happily ever after ending..maybe because this is the real world.. It teaches me to be matured and stand up even if I fall so hard.. Life must go on.. and I will.. Once again thank you and now I must have to say goodbye…

From the person who have always been there for you………..

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