My Greatest Possession


I received a call from my agent that I’m scheduled to go back to work this week. So now I have to pack my things and get myself ready to leave. While rummaging through my effects, I found a piece of paper where I saw my very first essay published in our school organ as a featured article when I was still a college freshman, and I am sharing it with you now.

“For quite sometime, I thought that the most important thing that could happen in one’s life was to have a successful career and a satisfying relation with a very special someone. As time went by however, I started to realize that real fulfillment in life could not only be found in a good job or anything else. Money could not match the contentment one could have if he has found the most precious thing in the world for himself.

I could already say that I have found or I now have the most precious thing in the world. It’s only this time that I knew of having this precious thing for me though it has already been with me since my childhood.

This precious thing suggests something of value to be possessed or some person or animal you loved or appreciated. It should have other attributes too like priceless, beautiful, incomparable, aesthetic. Anyone can have it, depending on how you are going to look at it or treat it.

I am talking about my family. Nobody, no one or nothing can match the support and love that they have given me.

My family always had a way of knowing if I am happy, sad, excited or anxious. Whenever I feel down, I don’t tell them but they still notice it. They try to appease me when they feel that I’m mad. They make me happy when I feel sad.

I am closer with my father. But when he died, I became closer with my mother for which I believe is only natural on my part because I tend to look for someone to reassure me that somebody will stay to look after me after my father’s demise.

And my mother did.

My family has helped me grow in my personal life. I’ve been challenged by them. We’ve challenged each other. When life pushes me to the brink of defeat, my family comes to give me all their support to help push back defeat.

Time will come and I’ll have money, job, my house and lot, car and all the material things that I could own, but they are all ordinary and common.

Because of my family, I became a “made” person. Someone they can rely on too when life is turning them down. My family is the greatest possession I have. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world. Because when all else fails, you only have God and your family that you can cling to and give you all the love and support that you need.

Love your family because they are the ones who’s going to be with you till the end.

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