My Greatest Fears Combined

fear photo
Photo by Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha

On a hot Friday afternoon of September 13, I was so tired of listening to our Values Educ. Teacher, so I made an excuse to my teacher to go to the powder room even if I don’t need to pee. So I said, “Excuse me Madam, may I go out?” The teacher nodded and I came out of the classroom as fast as I can to go to the toilet. While I was inside the toilet, I just kept on fixing my hair and making my make-up when I don’t get my desired result just to make myself busy.

After 10 minutes, I think, my reflection in the mirror suddenly got distorted. I was so alarmed so I screamed out loud as possible because I was so frightened of my reflection on the mirror. “HELP! ……” The next thing that had happened was, I was out of voice! Every time I try to scream out loud was of no use, no one can hear me. Then, the sickly image in the mirror moved horrendously by slowly getting out of the mirror and held my body tightly. He took me inside the mirror and made terrifying hiss at my left ear.

My knees and whole body were shaking because of what had happened. I cannot see a thing because this monstrous devil had put me inside a black cloth sack. Inside, there was no oxygen because of the mixing of unexplainable foul odors that had combined. After walking, this devil creature had swiftly dropped me in a rough concrete ground. As soon as I was dropped, the odor, black sack, and the force exerted by the devil had slowly faded away.

After I had shook the dust in me, I was taken aback of what I have seen. I am at the front of our door house and I have seen a very familiar face of a particular person. She was so happy while doing some household chores. Then suddenly, she faced me, but with a gloomy expression. She walked towards me. I was so shocked when I realized we have the same faces! She then uttered hurtful words, “Go away from here! Your family doesn’t need you anymore because they are happy with me!” She was pushing me away from our house as I forcefully step my feet to get inside the house.

“Axel! What’s happening down there?” The voice of my mom ruled the house as she was going down the stairs when she shouted to calm me. She was also surprised to see me but she didn’t recognize me through eye to eye contact. She then motioned me to go away from our house and never to go near to that doppelganger that she had bragged as her only daughter. “See? Go away weirdo!” said the fake one. I walked away with tears falling from my eyes without murmuring a word because there is nothing else I need to do to make mom believe that, that person was a big fake.

As I stroll along the road of our village, I was abruptly shot by the goons that had passed by using a single motorcycle. Afterwards, I woke up inside a very white room and I knew I was inside the hospital because of the dextrose attached to me. As I surveyed the room, I found a cabinet with a mirror. I sat in front of it and I slowly combed my hair. The reflection that I saw in the mirror did not distort this time but my face suddenly had developed wrinkles and my hair became white. Now, I was crying but no tears could get out from my eyes. No words can express how depressed I was with the things that had happened to me. Then, I felt a grueling ache in the muscles of my heart after being so sad. I know it was a heart attack and eventually I gave up and died.

When I woke up, the sunlight had entered my room and I was so relieved that it was just a nightmare.  My mother came into my room bringing my breakfast and scolded me, “Next time, pray before you sleep. To avoid nightmares Axel.”

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