My Father

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I saw the first stars sparkle in his eyes
and the crescent moon as his lips curved into a smile.
His voice so soft, he hushed me from my unwavering cries,
he was nervous, he knew, but for him that moment was all worthwhile.

His face so kind and loving, I thought of him as an angel,
an angel on earth, indeed he was.
He taught me how to walk, and he would catch me as I fall.
He never stopped believing and he accepted all my flaws.

His efforts and sacrifices are what made me who I am
and it’s one of the greatest gifts he has ever given me.
A different kind of love from other people will come,
but nothing can compare to the one that he had shown me.

Gone too soon, a hole in my heart he left
where emptiness dwells and sadness had come to stay.
Each time I think about him, I quietly weep
because it’s hard to move on without him each passing day.

I will think about his eyes every time I look at the stars,
I will smile when I see a crescent moon in the night
because I know in my heart, he will watch over us from afar.
A pair of wings he had earned, he will never be forgotten as he flies to the distant light.

© Pancake Bunnykins

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