My Ex Boyfriend’s Bestfriend : 1st Quarter

Love (Photo Credit: Etsy)
Love (Photo Credit: Etsy)
Love   (Photo Credit:     Etsy)
Love (Photo Credit: Etsy)

In a world full of pain, challenges and misery there is a special place in someone’s arms where you can always feel safe and secured. A special person who is always there for you, willing to fight for you, and willing to protect you from all the hurt that is currently haunting your heart. But what if this special someone is your ex’s best friend? Will you be willing to fight? Or will you surrender to save their friendship.

I have never been in a lot of relationships. In all my years of existence, I only had a few and we’ve all been friends right after our break-up irregardless of the reason behind. I have this notion that in order for me to move on, I need to let go of that anger that is dwelling in my chest and in order for me to do that, I need to stop avoiding and start befriending.

You may find it really weird, but it does help a lot. Once you know that all the hate has ended, you’ll feel free and ready to move on. But admit it or not, the only test for you to know if your really ready is if you are brave enough to fall again.

Katie, that is what my friends used to call me as they always find my name Katherina a mouthful. But to be honest, I love being called Katherina with the Spanish accent and all making me feel like royalty. Bwahahaha! I recently moved from Manila to Laguna last year since my Dad needs some help running the family business. I’ve been living independently ever since I graduated from college and in a desperate move to switch careers, I’m now back again to my roots.

Laguna is pretty much the same, but livelier. With its continuous progress, everything is now fast paced and expensive! And I am proud to say that I really love it here.

Ever since moved back to our home, I’ve been pretty busy. I had some renovations in our house here and there and my ideas kept pouring on how to manage our family business. I am really on top of things. But just like any other human being, we can never deny that there will always be those cold nights where you find yourself searching and wanting to be in someone’s arms.

A couple of months after, I re-united with a childhood friend. Everything was going well, and then we decided to change our Facebook relationship statuses. He was really nice to be honest and for some time I was happy. He has been very sweet to even introduce me to his friends in our village since he knows I don’t have any. But just like any other relationship, tough times will come and I gave up.

Not as easy as it may sound, our breakup was really complicated. But I believe I owe it to him to respect what happened between us good or bad. Now, I believe he’s happy with his new girlfriend and I wish them all the best with no room for bitterness.

When we broke up, I ran to the only person who knows our story – Stan. He has always been the middle man in our relationship. He was his best friend and I admire him for that. I’ve never been ashamed pouring my heart out to him, even spending hours and hours ranting, asking and even shouting for what had become of my love story. He is 3 years my junior but he acts more maturely than me.

Days, weeks and months passed and our bond grew closer than we ever imagined. We’ve been very comfortable with each other that we can spend a whole night watching a movie marathon and not create a fuss about it. We go out, grab a bite, catch a movie and all but we never see it as a “date.” Lumabas lang, date na? Hindi ba puwedeng naglalandian lang muna? Hahaha! But seriously, no matter how everyone insists that something is going on between us we both know that we still haven’t crossed that line… or just so we thought.

author:  Den Montero


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