“My Cup of Coffee”

Photo credit: whatelsemichelle

When you asked me what exactly is going on in my mind?

Honestly, I don’t understand why I should be asked when you already know the answer. But for the record and your peace of mind…it’s YOU.

I know you’ll find this real crazy. I do, too.

Why on earth will I be thinking somebody who doesn’t like to be thought about in the first place?

Maybe because for once, I want to prove to myself and the rest of the world that I can be happy knowing there is someone like you that I love to think about, that my mind solely respects what my heart desires because if not, then maybe I’d be thinking someone else other than you but then will that make me happy?

It’s like drinking my favorite coffee with lots of sodium in it.

I cannot swallow anything like that, not even for goodness’ sake.

Things I love like coffee should be anything but sweet and creamy and soothing to my nose. Lol. So forgive me if I think about you 24/7. You’re not just my cup of coffee. You’re my caffeine. I’m addicted to (YOU) being happy. So the next time you’ll ask me what’s going on in my mind… Hmmmm…Coffee?


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