triple copyI have always considered myself lucky in friendship and have always regarded friends as gifts. It’s a delightful wonder how a person develops a sense of consanguinity to another whom he is not in any way related to. But while they may not be bound by blood, whatever makes friends stick together is by no means any less thick.

Friendship has been aptly defined in many more ways than one, and over time a great number of colorful stories and meaningful songs have been written about it. In the same way that the essential qualities of a true friend have been enumerated by many, from various points and perspectives.

But is there a universal definition for friendship? And are there clean-cut qualities of a friend?

Experience tells us that of the many people we meet as we journey through this complex maze we call life, most of them would remain mere acquaintances and would sooner or later move away to some corner and some would even retire into oblivion. And only a few would stay and become your friends. It is on some crossroads that you get to meet them, they themselves navigating their way through the same maze you are in. You then get to know each other and realize that your share a common bond, and realize further later that you could possibly travel together from then on. And the world welcomes yet another budding friendship.

But while it could be true that a commonality binds friends together as feathers on birds, real friendship goes beyond that bond and respects everyone’s individuality. Humans as we are, we all have our share of flaws and inadequacies. But true friends will accept you for what you are and will take the whole of you, hook, line and sinker.

As we continue with life’s journey, so does our meeting of new acquaintances. Throughout our lifetime, a good number of them may come.

But if acquaintances were a brigade of soldiers, true friends are like the elite scout rangers, purposely trained and on a special mission to protect and defend you from adversaries of any form and raise the banner of victory with you in every battle won.

If acquaintances were flocks of birds, sincere friends are like the high soaring eagles, willing to take you on their wings and lift you up into the skies when you’re down in sorrow and despair and help you view life from a new and brighter perspective.

If acquaintances were schools of fishes, real friends are like the protective dolphins, ready to push you ashore, keeping you safe from the drowning waves of the confusing intricacies of life and frolic with you through the tides.

Hence, we do not necessarily need a multitude of acquaintances. A handful of true and sincere friends would suffice. Friends who are more than willing to be our scout rangers, our eagles, our dolphins. Friends who will be there for us when we need them, no ifs, no buts, no reservations. These people are gifts from GOD. Precious gifts that should be cherished and nurtured. And as I have gathered through time, I want to believe that they are pre-positioned to join us in our journey and their entry into our lives is predetermined according to HIS plan.

We may have gained friends early on in our lives but we could still continue to gain more as we carry on with life’s sojourn. Meeting new ones while mindfully keeping and continuously nurturing the old.

In my years of existence navigating through life, I can sincerely say that I am very lucky to be in the circles that am in right now. Through the passing of time and in the many circumstances and significant events of my life, my friends, without necessarily trying, have proven themselves to me in their own sincere ways. And I can only hope that I too have done the same to them in the best way I know how.

Now, is there really a universal definition for friendship? And are there really clean-cut qualities of a friend? I guess none. Because each friendship is special and unique and friends have individual characters and none are exactly alike.

As I know of it, friendships can only be defined by the journey, and friends, by the experience.

In my prayers, I have unceasingly thanked GOD for the gift of friendship and for the friends HE has blessed and gifted me with. Indeed, they have been my scout rangers, my eagles, my dolphins.


And to them, I will be forever grateful.

Enjoy life’s journey.
And relish it with friends.


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a typical Arian born in the Year of the Sheep, considers himself lucky in friendship and regards friends as gifts, and enjoys a good laugh.