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Black Angel (Photo credit : Facebook)
Black Angel (Photo credit : Facebook)

 Black Angel    (Photo credit :  Facebook)    More than a fad nowadays as health buffs swarm the gyms that are scattered at every corner of the metropolis, the feeling of being the object of envy is I guess the most thrilling and exciting part which nobody can deny. I do not refute that I also wanted to experience it, and I would go for the feeling of a boosted ego rather than the “boasted” ego.

Above the shallowness of this yearning, and simply because it is temporal, I delve deeper into the realization on how amazing it is that sacrifices or even tragedies are present in our world. Though they make many lives miserable, depressive and to some extent abysmal, they would squeeze and must squeeze the best in us like grapes that make the finest wine or like wheat that must pass through milling and grinding to make the most luscious bread.

It is so ironic that we must go through it this way, crushed and broken into pieces to be made whole again, but the simplest thing is, without them, these insights will not be realized and all our endeavors will fall into the pit of nothingness because we will be struggling with nonentity. After all, our living on this planet is geared toward the self-actualization that we made the best out of life even to the smallest of things that we do. The highest of all achievements without that feeling of fulfillment is still half-achieved.

I’m glad to have experienced that at one point in my life I struggled so much in achieving my college degree. Like others who had labored to attain the word “graduate” without so much dependence from parents, I savor to the fullest the glorious day when I received my diploma. And the dreaming of “one day I shall walk on the streets of Ayala” after months of battering my shoes to find a decent job, a stark remembrance of my practicum, became a reality of the biggest smile and the loudest laugh I could ever imagine. And I know I’m not even halfway through my life and there are still more sacrifices and even tragedies to come, but I’m unafraid to face them now.

What is the most important, I guess, is how one accomplishes things, may it be to the most uncomplicated of all or not, and how one appreciates the joy beyond sadness, how one rejoices after the fiasco, how one sees optimism in the realm of hopelessness, how one sees light amidst darkness and how one upholds the value of sacrificing.

Now, since I’m still on the stratum of “needing thousands if not tens of thousands of crunches to achieve developed abs,” I will most definitely persevere.

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