Mommy D Conquered the World

Bradley_MommyThe second Paquiao-Bradley fight zoomed Mommy D to a sensational victory almost eclipsing Manny Pacquiao’s retrieved glory.

Few seconds on the sixth round of the fight, cameras panned to Mommy D, the mother of Manny Paquiao, who was sitting at the ringside. The TV commentator thought Mommy D cast a spell on her son’s brash opponent, Bradley. Her arms equipped with bling bling, swung according to the rhythm of her hand’s gesture while she made finger on the camera. Mommy D’s facial expression showed demeanor as though reciting an incantation. Mommy D’s antics went viral in the internet and conquered the twitter world via hash tag #Mommy D.

Mommy D’s commanding presence on Manny’s last two fights with Rios and Bradley bodes well for Manny. Manny’s consecutive loss of the unkindest kind – Bradley contentiously robbed Manny of his Welterweight Belt, and Juan Manuel Marques made him kissed the canvas – Mommy D went berserk with these losses. She blamed these on Manny’s newfound religion. An army of Pastors of different Protestant’s denominations, foreign and local, swarmed his son while on training, their rituals got in the way, so that Manny clocked less time for his training. As Mommy D went ballistic, she offered no compunction of her denunciation that these Pastors caused his son’s defeat. Mommy D lamented that because of these Pastors, Manny’s established rituals before the fight that resulted victories had been abandoned. During his fight with Marquez, instead of wearing rosary, Manny had this shirt with the “Alaxan” sign, and didn’t make the sign of the cross before the scrimmage.

With Manny’s last two fights, the dynamics changed. Mommy D, probably made a compromise with Manny. Okay, she must have told Manny, I’ll make no qualms about your “praise the lord” buddies, but you must not abandoned the rituals of your Catholic upbringing.

Mommy D had been afraid attending Manny’s fight before. She said, she couldn’t bear watching Manny’s face pulped up at her vantage view at the ringside. Even at home on Manny’s previous fights, she hid on her room and just prayed in front of Mama Mary statue. However, on Manny’s last two fights, she defeated her fears. For her son’s sake, and to change the dynamics, she has to attend to make her appearance be an inspiration, or moral support or maybe to counter the influences of other people hanging around his son. An additional plus, Mommy D became the only woman spectator in the history of boxing who did ever climb up the ring and assuage a defeated opponent. Moreover, Manny found, unexpectedly, his unlikely lucky charm.

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