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To most, especially to her followers and friends, former PCOO(Presidential Communications Operations Office) Assistant Communication Secretary Mocha Uson is a voice to reckon with. That her influence in social media is without par. With reported 5.7 million plus followers, nobody can deny such.

In 2016, she supported then Presidential candidate Duterte in a way and language that appealed to the ordinary folks. The “laylayan” dwellers who the elites and traditional politicians used and exploited election year in, election year out but never paid attention to in the interim. They listened to her and voted for Duterte; a debt the President-elect surely recognized. Thus her appointment as Assistant Secretary of Communications, a position that appeared to be tailor made for her. But government and a loose canon ball of a blogger did not fit. The freedom to say what she wanted could never be restricted by government walls.

When she was tasked to spearhead the information campaign towards Federalism, she bungled big time. Together with her friend and assistant, Drew Olivar, they came up with a video supposedly to drum up support and awareness by alluding to women’s private parts. Many called for apology and resignation(this writer included). I opined then that the president need not waste political capital on her. That as a loyal president lieutenant, she must sacrifice herself to shield the president from criticisms and attacks.

Her and Drew’s recent making fun and ridiculing of the disabled perhaps is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It was stupid. It was mean. It was indefensible.

Yesterday, during the budget hearings for the PCOO, Ms. Uson resigned claiming the lawmakers always made it a point to make the allocations for the office go through a harrowing process because of her criticisms and attacks on the corrupt among them. That her being out of the picture, the hearing should go smoothly and PCOO need not suffer anymore. A plea perhaps for sympathy and a call to action to her followers. Closing that the fight is not over and that she will bring it on to Congress and the Senate next year, Uson might have just fired the first salvo of her candidacy for public office. By the people’s votes, she would prove her critics and detractors wrong.

In most conflicting situations, one wins, the other loses. In Ms. Uson’s resignation, the Administration won but so did Ms. Uson. Duterte got rid of a pain in the neck but loyal and a true blue supporter without shedding blood. On the other hand, Ms. Uson now has a platform and a claim to be self sacrificing; one who will “take the blows” for the greater good while “doing it her way”. Robredo’s and Hontivirus’ scathing “kicking of Uson while she is down” not only gives credence to Candidate Uson but a justification as well.

It may be too early to tell but the midterm elections are just around the corner and the dramas are just unfolding or just being cooked up. Still, at the pre-season:

Uson – 1. The opposition – zero.

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