Missing the place I call my second home…

(Photo Credit: Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

This morning, on my way to work, I had this feeling inside which was hard to explain. A feeling of longing, wishing and hoping to visit my Philippines again. Last time I went back home was in April. However, that visit was really quick, busy and somewhat emotional.

I miss Manila at night, with all its vibrancy, lights, traffic, excitement; its the city that never sleeps. You can always see people working late at night, security, road sweepers, street vendors, people on the streets, helping others, helping cars to park and then there’s people in bars, coffee shops, clubs just having fun.

I miss the barangay life, the Perya, where people from the local village gather together, playing bingo, roulette to win packs of crisps, foods and the occasional few pesos.

Missing my good friends in our Barangay in Pangasinan, always people to chat to, hang out with and share about life. Miss sitting on the bench at the local village school basketball court late at night, under the moon, watching the stars.

Miss hearing the Filipino accent, such lovely pronunciation, like soft, with some American tones, perfectly clear and somehow comforting.

Even now, when I am feeling sad and missing home, missing the people I love and care for so much, as I think of home once again.

Philippines, you and your people are deep within my blood. Philippines, missing you so much. Can’t wait until the day we can see each other once again!

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