Missed, Missing

Photo by cuncon (Pixabay)

Do you know what I miss most?

I miss how we were back then, and I miss our late night talks.

I miss how it upsets me that we won’t talk for days, though it was me who wanted you to stay away. And then when you couldn’t take anymore, I would always find a letter on my drawer.

I miss how you try to carefully put your words together, and try to remind me that we loved each other (and shouldn’t it be all that matters?). And knowing you don’t have a gift for words or letters, my heart bursts with your sincerest efforts. It would be then that I know our fight is over.

embrace photo
Photo by kokorochin

I miss how you slip quietly beside me at night, right after we’ve had a fight. And how you would hold me tight till I wake from sleep; saying a thousand “Sorry’s” that makes me weep.

I miss how you would admit the fault was yours, though we both know I, too, was flawed.

I know we’ve both changed, and some things can’t be unbroken. Still I can’t help but miss those moments. I miss how I was and how you were. I miss “us”, and how much things used to be better.

embrace photo
Photo by Schristia

And I know, there’s no use rehashing what’s been done. I’m just saying I miss — and long for it, now that it’s gone.


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