Miracle In The Mist

“I wasn’t supposed to be saved but you came and I was forever grateful.”

It’s been 12 hours since I’ve taken the easy way out. Still feeling numb from all the pain, anger and frustration, I traveled aimlessly to nowhere; ready to afloat only to sink in the dead of the night. Somewhere along the journey I felt tired and weary. I tried to stop and sleep for a while hoping to find solace in dreams – for dreams are wishes your heart makes which you can keep forever up until you wake up.

However, the unforgiving flow of time carried me elsewhere even when I was fast asleep. Half-awake, I saw that there lies two roads ahead of me. One was complete nothingness and the other was a slight ray of hope dimmed by a heavy mist. The inviting arms of the dark abyss was very inciting. It was so quiet that I thought that its silence could kill the qualms inside me – “It was a perfect chance to be part of the world of nothingness” I thought to myself. The liberty of selfishness was bestowed upon me again as I blindly start to follow this road.

Halfway through and with my eyes closed and heart beating restless, I suddenly remembered all who are dear to me. Doubts regarding my decision began clouding my fickle mind. I thought hope was just a mere figment of my imagination. But in an instant, I clearly remembered these words from my father: that though how fragile hope may become it is still powerful enough to change one’s life.

All of a sudden it was like a sudden flashback of endless pictures full of vibrant colors and warmth. Then the tears started flowing down my cheeks. It was something surreal. I was lost with words and being unable to comprehend the weight of my actions. Frightened and shivering, I just stopped for a moment and prayed “If it was really meant to be then let me drift further into the abyss but If there was something more beyond this let it happen now”

Suddenly, a faint voice from a broken heart had the courage to speak to me such strong words. It was so encouraging that I found myself retracing back my steps. As the mist slowly clears out, the dimmed ray of light and hope spelled a new beginning. I suddenly felt breathing in life and embracing it wholeheartedly.

Walking slowly in this new journey, I hold the hand of the one who saved me from my weakness and delivered me this timely miracle. I am forever grateful to have met such a kindhearted person. This was clearly the road meant for me despite the consequences of my actions.

Thank you.

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