Mindanao: As we go to sustainable development

Photo by SLAAP
Photo by SLAAP
Photo by SLAAP


On the question of how do youth help implement sustainable development?

As a youth the very least that we can do is educate our self by training through hands-on methods, presentation methods and team-building methods and followed by transferring our knowledge to the community. It doesn’t stop there. As much as education help action is the key.

We have to be an activist of this Sustainable development.” Basura mo tapon mo” is still effective however we don’t practice it, but we must, together with proper segregation of waste and the 3Rs, the reduce, recycle and reuse. Because as the development arises waste materials also arises.

Another thing is Development can’t be sustain if we stop at any level it is a continues otherwise it isn’t called sustainable development. We develop without undermining the next generation. What possible solution could be? I dare say conserve in everything particularly water and energy.

Lastly, We must participate in any Socio-political issues because sustainable development is holistic, we are all stake holders: the leaders, the followers, the youth, and the older. We must condemn corruption, environmental exploitation and violation of human rights in any means (social media or social movements) because these are the hindrance to the human rights and if we get our human rights it is sustainable development.

Mindanao sustainable development

Sustainable development can’t come to its reality if the really cause of Mindanao conflict will not be addressed. We are just making things complicated. We don’t really treat the disease itself but we are just treating the symptoms of it. Mindanao don’t develop because conflict still exist and we look for any possible solution but as long as there are no understanding to what really the problem we can’t never get the peace we wanted and no sustainable development because at first place there is no development.

Understanding is the keystone to development, I believe. We have diverse culture we are a society of so many sub-society. We are rich in labor markets and resources.

Is it really hard for for a diverse nation to unite for one goal? We only know to criticize our differences. We say Asian is collectivistic especially the Philippines. But our colonial mentality (example of xenocentrism), our thinking that anything from foreign is good drive us to be individualistic. We are fan of hollywood. What we saw on them is how individualistic they are. So we learn it. Gradually we learn it. Until we absorb it. And it become part of our system. So are we till saying we are collectivisitc?

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