Midterm Musing



I remember one time in college, I was asked if I would be interested to run for a position in the Supreme Student Council. I’m not quite sure however if the one asking was just joking or was seriously considering me to run. But I was serious in telling him that I was not in any way interested. Aside from the fact that I was very certain I was not going to win, school politics or politics in general, even early on, doesn’t interest me. AT ALL. I just think governance isn’t my cup of tea. Some people are cut and destined for it and I am not.

I have however accepted previous responsibilities to lead specific groups to perform certain tasks, and also the nature of my job and my current position requires that I do the same. And I can also be an active supporter of leaderships and administrations especially if their advocacies, platforms and priorities are in consonance with my own personal convictions and aspirations. But that’s about as far as I can and have engaged myself into.

LEADERSHIP and GOVERNANCE may be synonymous but I guess the latter is way more complex, more challenging and demanding. And since I don’t have direct and personal experience of it, I would never really know the difference and I could only surmise.

ASSISTANCE and SERVICE may be synonymous, but while the former can be random and discretionary, the latter should be consistent and comprehensive.

And for me, politics can be most effective if it’s a balanced combination of EQUITABLE GOVERNANCE and SINCERE SERVICE, more than anything else.


In less than 3 months from today comes the midterm elections. The whole nation, or at least those who are qualified and have registered will, in behalf of the entire nation, elect the next set of officials in the land. But while voting is a right guaranteed in the constitution, with it comes the obligation to exercise the same responsibly.

Elections in our country has always been quite an interesting process and becomes even more colorful during campaign. And with the advent of modern technology such as the internet, election campaign strategies have evolved especially with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook. With its widest coverage and real time delivery, news and information have become more accessible now than it ever was. And that is why social media platforms have become effective venues for the candidates and their supporters to convey their programs and advocacies. Accordingly, it could also help the voting public make sound judgment and appropriate choices. OR SO SHOULD IT BE.


Over the past months, my newsfeed can at times be flooded with election related personal posts and news articles. Most of it are issues in the national political arena and some items on various local scenes. And I have noticed that there are people who can be very quick and vocal in expressing their views on the issues and the personalities involved and can even be very blunt with their comments. Yet I would later learn that some posts and articles were actually twisted and edited versions of the real story, blurring the real truth and some may not even contain any truth to it. Obviously, there are people who would really go out of their way to spread so called fake news and propagate disinformation in order to further their interests, whatever it may be. And what’s even more disturbing is that some of them are famous bloggers with a significant number of followers. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting, gullible minds who are too idle to verify the accuracy of the stories immediately believe and take everything as gospel truth and worse, spread the same to others. Imagine fake news metastasizing!

While we enjoy the benefit of real time information brought by modern technology, we should also take time to discern between the truth and false information that is served to us. Remember that not everyone hold good intentions and many others have different agenda.


As election fever heats up and campaign frenzy gains momentum, many more election related posts and articles flood my newsfeed. Supporters on opposing camps and parties have become very vocal in expressing contradicting views on certain issues depending on which side their candidate stand. On a positive standpoint, it can be viewed as a manifestation that democracy is very much alive in our country. However, it could sometimes get very personal and things could go haywire.

A few months ago, I came across a video of a blogger cursing and throwing expletives at one public official in his post. His continues use of foul words and profanities throughout the video made him look like a rabid dog. I have learned later that the aggrieved party is contemplating on pressing appropriate charges against him.

While freedom of expression is also guaranteed in the constitution, let us be reminded that with every right comes the accountability in the exercise the same and that NO FREEDOM IS ABSOLUTE.

Let us raise the level of discourse by focusing on platforms and advocacies rather than resorting to mudslinging and character assassination. In that way, the public can make sound judgment and appropriate choices, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.


Come May 13, 2019, together with many others, I am going to cast my vote. But before that day comes, I would try to carefully weigh my options. I want to vote for someone whom I believe could execute EQUITABLE GOVERNANCE and deliver SINCERE SERVICE. Duty bound as a citizen of this country, I shall exercise my right to SUFFRAGE. And I shall try to be discerning of the information that could come to me particularly those being fed on the internet through the different platforms on SOCIAL MEDIA and to be mindful of the ACCOUNTABILITY that comes of the freedom that is guaranteed in the constitution.


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