MEN’S ANATOMY: Hard on the outside, Soft on the inside

(Photo Credit: Fanpop)
(Photo Credit: Fanpop)

Most men were born and hardwired to become silly and reckless, blame the testosterone that circulates in his system. He normally has an interesting story behind his cuts, pockmarks and broken bones. When he was a kid, the harder he plays the harder he falls. He once fell out of a tree from trying to get mangoes on their neighbor’s patch, or from recovering his little brothers’ kite that was lodged on tree twigs on windy sunlight hours, or from saving a poor kitten that was stuck on a tree branch. Little Einstein learned that gravity would build up his speed, so he mounts to a steep slope and rode his bike down hill, he loses control, wobbled and fell from his bike, happily, he only got bumps and bruises, however he’s stubborn enough to do it again the next day, he just loves the adrenaline rush. He had an eye injury due to being hit with an elbow while playing basketball in the streets. At least once in his life he won and loses a game.

He has boundless imagination, he has the desire to experiment and has enormous curiosity, he’s nifty yet sometimes idiotic. He became Superman, Batman, a soldier, an astronaut a cowboy and a Rockstar. He landed on the moon by navigating his spaceship made out of the empty Balikbayan box, he conquered the Martians with his laser gun made out of wood sticks and knots. He tried to jump start his remote controlled car using whatever tool he sees. He pulled his loose tooth by tying it to a door and having his big brother or buddy slam it hard.

At times he’s naughty, he chased a girl with a booger on his finger, chucked a worm or a frog to a group of little girls. But most of the time he is sweet and caring. Once in his life he engaged in a fist fight because he protected his little sister from bullies at school . He thinks he’s a superhero, but he sheds tears in front of his mom.

When he became a young man, he once sneaked out of the house with his dad’s car, he cut classes, he got scolded by the teacher for sleeping in class as he went to a party last night , sent to the principal’s office for obliterating a school property, had a 30 minutes detention or a failing grade since he was caught cheating during the exam because instead of studying, he played video games all night. No matter how cool and tough he is, when a little kid hands him a toy phone, he answers it.

You will never get bored with himhe has a great sense of humor, he can make you laugh till your stomach hurts and unable to breathe. You’ll notice he has a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers that he loves so much he still wears it comfortably even if its worn out and full of “shit holes”. You can tell he’s playing a guitar by simply looking at his non dominant hand, you will notice blisters and callus at his fingertips due to the constant playing of chords. You know he’s in contact or extreme sports if he had a broken nose, a broken rib, a broken wrist, a broken humerus, a broken ankle, a broken tibia, a broken femur or lots of sprints and sprains. You know he smokes if he keeps a lighter in his pocket and has a bluish discoloration of lips. Do everything to make him quit, tell him that every time he puffs one stick of cigarette it cuts away at least 5 minutes of his life, tell him that you value every single minute with him. Constantly remind him to never drink and drive.

He has a receptive senses, He will listen to his girl even if she talks too much. He knows the smell of a delicious home cooked meal, you don’t have to change the law of gravity to make him fall for you, learn how to cook, one way to his heart is through his stomach. He sees beauty out of rubbish things. By just simply holding his hand you can make his heart palpitate, at times his tongue lies and blurts unpleasant words, but when he says he loves you, he really does.

He will offer his seat to an old lady, help a woman load her grocery bags in the car trunk. If he realized you’re not sitting comfortably inside the overloaded jeepney, he will tip forward to let you squeeze in, If there’s no available space for you, though illegal he will hang on the tail bumper of the jeepney. You don’t have to tell him to do so, he will do these things automatically, he already developed it as a reflex.

He’s strong enough to endure hazing and initiation rites to get into a fraternity,but his knees weaken at the thought of a kiss from the girl he’d been dreaming of. For him a broken heart is more excruciating than a broken bone. He doesn’t cry over the stitches of his wounds, but his lacrimal glands emit tears the moment his lady utters the words “ I do”

Fear doesn’t course through his veins, he’s not afraid of speed nor height, if necessary he’s not afraid to engage in a fight, he’s a risk taker, he’s not afraid of failure he will keep pursuing his dreams. But you will see him anxiously and nervously waiting outside the delivery room hoping his wife and their baby are safe, he’s not afraid to undertake brawls but he’s afraid to hold his newly born baby girl, afraid that he might squeeze her tine tiny fragile body. He works hard for his family, but at home he dances with his wife and plays with his kids.

At least once in his life he messed up, screwed up, fucked up, and made the wrong decision, but that doesn’t mean he will never thrive, that he will never be a great man, a good husband and a good father.

That’s the basic “anatomy” of men, they may look hard and tough on the outside, but they are soft, caring and loving on the inside.

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