Men vs. Women: Who is superior?

The Race of the Sexes (Photo Credit : Jayperoni)
The Race of the Sexes (Photo Credit : Jayperoni)

It has been an argument eons ago, deliberating who’s superior? Could women possibly do what men can?

 Here in the Philippines, women are expected to do household chores, stay at home to take good care of their kids, prepare food for the whole family,sew some

The Race of the Sexes   (Photo Credit :  Jayperoni)
The Race of the Sexes (Photo Credit : Jayperoni)

torn clothes, do cross-stitch and serve their husband before and after work.

 Whereas, men are responsible to bring home bread and butter. Flex their muscles to make money and protect his family. This is our culture.

How about the modern couples today?

Not anymore. I had noticed the rapid diversification of our families today. Perhaps, in response to our declining economy, women were forced to work and aid their husband in making money. Aforementioned modern perspectives evoked coherent issues.

A husband dubbed as “haligi ng tahanan” allowing his wife to work will be charged as an irresponsible one. Again, it is our culture. However women say, citing them as  less competent in performing man’s job is a vivid discrimination. But men say, it  somehow diminishes their masculinity if ever such arises.

Men who wash the dishes, clean the house, and do the laundry are underdogs (under de saya).’

Are they? I contradict whoever concocted such mentality. It is called embracing your responsibilities.

It is narcissism to say that women are superior to men because they are made from human material and men are from mud.  Subsequently, it is imbecile to say that women are inferior to men due to the extent of their abilities and the difference with the number of their neurons.

In the long run of our modernization, millions of perspectives have changed. In our country, we have women vehicle drivers who drive buses, cabs, jeepneys and tricycles and their number are still counting.  We have the first Filipina general in Philippine Air Force, we have Miriam Santiago as the first Asian womenwho acquired a position as court judge abroad, we have hundreds of brave women armies battling against rebels, dame boxer champs, brave women pilots, world class Filipina singers and viable country leaders. Therewith, men and women can be both excellent in any field.

Why do we have to elucidate which gender is dominating?

There is nothing to debate on. There is no measurement in our intelligence and emotional quotient, or to decipher which gender is better, neither a question of what are you capable of. We are all equal, we’re all born superstars.  Gender has nothing to do with it.  It is a matter of individuality on what more you can do for the welfare of your love ones. Indeed, LOVE for their families is the reason why men and women are pushing limits, and not to compete.

I wrote this article to empower women because I love my mother and to enlighten men because I love my father. I am a man, and I salute woman. Happy Women’s month.  

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