Memory Box: Through the Years

While checking things on my desk, I saw these three significant ones all piled up in order. Okay, so I have three planners for this year, all of which were generously given by friends. 😀

The black executive diary: It is the thinnest among the three and sadly, I haven’t written anything important on it except for the details needed for the personal, business and medical information. 😐 I might not have given justice to its existence as an organizer/planner, but i’ll be more of like converting it into another one of the few sketchbooks I have which carries the most of  ‘intellectual properties I have. 😀

The Belle De Jour planner: I’ve written much on it on the first half of the year,most of which are my schedules and the daily happenings in life.

The Starbucks planner: Now this one is the most precious among them all, not only does it serves as an organizer or planner, it also carries much of my personal secrets as well. 😀 I am not very vocal about my ‘personal confidential issues’, only a few friends know me well, and this planner, I could say, is one of the best buds that I have. Here, I can jot down all the emotions that I’ve wanted to unleash, the ones that I can’t just share with my mortal friends. LOL.

Apart from these, I have web accounts where I put all the rants that I have.

Why am I doing this entry?

A friend happened to  ask me once: “Chona, why do you have to write much about your life?”

I say,

I write because I know there will come a time that I might forget all the memories and instances that I’ve gone through as I live the life of the being that you know….

I write because there might be things that didn’t end up well and as expected, but in the end it might be worth remembering how I became frustrated on things, how I come to regret some of the decisions I’ve made, how I would’ve wanted to pull back the hands of time and change things that needs to be changed, how I laughed and cried at the same time, and how it made me much of a better person…..

I write because when that point in time comes, when I finally attain the dreams / goals / ambitions / whatever you may want to call it, or just when I grow old enough not to remember things in their  littlest details, I know I have reliable things to turn to….

Life is best appreciated as you come to smile and look back on the years that passed, and say, “I lived not a perfect life, but I lived a happy one.”

Simply put,

I write to remember. I write because I don’t want to forget.


-Chona P.


  1. Lol..I like it…we write because we want to matter…to our friends and followers..:)that’s the latest word…now a days..everyone wants to follow someone…I don’t know the real reason…a trend I guess..just follow golden rule;…:)…anyway she’s right we lived to the fullest every single day…why we take advantage. And tell or share it through blogs or Facebook….that’s why we have status…and even tell our food for dinner..:))..its once in a lifetime chances…and when were 70 looking at our PC or high-tech diary….it means something…our told fun stories.

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