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Us humans we usually depend on material wealth. But is that really necessary? Sometimes we miss out on things with people we love or just simply with the world around you. I’m 13 years old and im typically the kind of teenager that would use social media all day but when im in school I stop and think to myself im I being a good influence on the internet? Be on the internet but be a positive change or even just a positive influence.

At school we learn that material things dont always have to matter to you. Some kids or other people out there dont have cellphones, computers, laptops, T.V etc. Some only have a paper and a pencil to write with at school we are so modern now a days, its amazing what technology, but the analogy behind all these things im saying someone of us should understand that material wealth would not matter who you are nor would matter how rich or poor you are. Be fortunate for what you have because even if this would end all these things will perish and it wont matter anymore.

I’ll be honest half the time all of us will be on our phones, computers etc, whether we’re doing homework or just simply surfing on the internet. Imagine those people back in the day they didnt have those things, I bet if us modern humans right now traded with the old fashion style we would all go nuts. If those back in the day with old phones and writing letters see our technology they would be so surprised ln how complicated it would be, if it was us modern people be in the olden days it would probably wont be as difficult because how can writing a letter be so hard? We usually send emails in the modern time, I hope someday, even just for a day we live life like those back in the day, writing letter to our loved ones who are far..

” Be the change you want to see in the world “

-Allayssa Palomeno-
– 11/26/14 –

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