“Release of Jaime Soledad Part of P-Noy’s Communist Pabaon”

The Office of the President has again released another repressive order to the Philippine Courts starting with the slipshod dismissal of so-called political detainees like Jaime Soledad. Sources say the guilt-wrenching tall order of Malacañang was intentionally made to doll up his State of the Nation Address (SONA) else an effort to create a glimmer of substance in his administration’s year-long achievement report. This was done despite the obvious fact that Malacañang would propel erroneous dropping of criminal charges, emasculating and politically threatening court judges, and jeopardizing national security.

Ironically, the ones pushing the idea to President Aquino are known militant personages themselves, particularly presidential advisers – Ronald Llamas and Ging Deles. In the endeavor to please Aquino’s advisers’, last July 14 a meeting was called in Malacañang with attendees ranging from the National Security Adviser (NSA), Director General and Assistant Director General for Operations of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA), DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima, OPAPP, DI-PNP, and AFP’s J2 and J3. The main agenda for the said meeting involved the immediate release of fourCommunist personalities in the names of Maria Louisa Purcray alias Meriam, Tirso Alcantara alias Bart, Emeterio Antalan alias Jigs/Elgy, and Jaime Soledad. As the meeting came to a close, the group short listed Soledad and Purcray among the detainees for release. Among the group, the DOJ committed to work-out the preparation of the release to include blanketing the entire process and stalling any petition of reinvestigation by the plaintiff. Meantime, the OPAPP assured their hold on the RTC through Midas Marquez of the Supreme Court.

Soledad is currently facing multiple criminal charges separate from his Multiple Murder case docketed as CC #262163 pending under Branch 32 of the Regional Trial Court of Manila. The well-celebrated case was part of the uncovered mass grave in Inopacan, Leyte that was linked to the purging activity dubbed “Oplan – Venereal Disease” of the Communist Party of the Philippines in Samar during late 1980s. Of which time, Soledad was an identified leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) and acts as key judge in the Party’s circle of kangaroo courts. The principal witness, part of Oplan VD survivor, has corroborated the details of Soledad’s involvement during his testimony and even accentuated the participation of Soledad deep within the “kangaroo court” who determines who is to be executed. Apart from the Oplan VD case, Soledad is also facing sets of Multiple Murder docketed CC-B-2001-05-51 under RTC Branch 10 in Baybay Leyte; and Kidnapping with Murder docketed CC-913, Robbery in Bond docketed CC-928; Murder with Frustrated Murder docketed as CC R-1913-A; and another Robbery in Bond docketed as CC-927/R-109 all under RTC Branch 10 in San Juan Southern Leyte.

The President’s plan to release “so-called” political detainees as a matter of upholding Human Rights is not of course the center of contention but to the manner and intent it was carried-out. The release of Soledad railroaded the entire process. In fact, part of Malacañang’s plan was to set a trap for the RTC and the prosecutor to include the case’s complainants. Through SC Justice Midas M. Marquez, the OPAPP was able to force a certain Fiscal Barcellona to surreptitiously file the motion to discharge Soledad just in time when the prosecutor handling the case was directed to attend a seminar in Cebu. Furthermore, Barcellona was also tasked to file the motion Wednesday on said week to make sure that there will be not enough time for the prosecution to file an appeal which could stall the discharge order served the following Thursday.

A reliable source further divulged that Fiscal Barcellona together with RTC Judge Thelma Bunyi-Medina had to go through the DOJ and OPAPP’s scrutiny and hooked by crooked dictates. The pet project to release Soledad even went as far as having Malacañang threaten both the Fiscal and the RTC Judge to either face administrative sanctions under the Supreme Court else forced arbitrary suspensions.

This was the same byline used by the Aquino government against the Philippine Courts and judicial process. The case of Soledad was likened to the urgent and questionable release of Morong 43. This administration deliberately and conscientiously promotes the bulldozing of the entire judicial system all to pamper Communist militia which by some reason gravitate much influence to PNoy’s leadership. We have innocent civilians face murder charges by the book and even our own soldiers are forced to swallow needless scrutiny and arbitrary cases all for the sake of emphasizing rightful process so why go against what is right for the sake of these rebels?


  1. POLITICAL DETAINEES daw pero gawaing kriminal naman ang kanyang kasalanan ,kailangan mag ingat si PNOY sa knyang mga desisyon ukol dito baka ito ang makasira sa kanya..

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