“Mabuti ka pa”

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“Mabuti ka pa…”

Ilang beses mo na bang narinig ‘yan?

Some people tell me, “Mabuti ka pa, wala ka nang problema.”

Kasi 55 na ako, wala nang pinapag-aral na anak, wala na raw inintindi.

And I say, “Sino’ng nagsabi na wala na akong pinoproblema?”

Puro masasaya lang daw kasi ang mga pinopost ko sa Facebook.

Simple lang naman ang sagot ko: “FB is not my daily diary and it’s not a garbage can, too, where people can just throw their angst and bad thoughts and feelings.”

I, too, have my own share of woes and worries, but I don’t treat them as reasons to complain, give up on life or make people pity me. Not post-worthy, so to speak.

My time in the crucible taught me a valuable life lesson.

“Prayer must precede action.”

Whereas before I relied on my own understanding of life and trials, presently and in the years before, I have learned how to walk at God’s pace in my desire to to truly hear Him and discern His best in my life – and my children’s.

Yes, I have learned to be sensitive to the Spirit and base my decisions – and actions – with the Lord’s promptings, which I describe in jest as “my bolang kristal.”

There are things that worry me still, despite my long patience and “extreme kindness” (sobrang bait ko daw kasi)…but I take them all in stride; believing that anger or venting out solves nothing.

My 2017 has been full of sadness, too.

My surrogate brother Marlon passed away in Feb. Mom had 2 mild strokes, which meant 2 hospital confinement, and her alzheimer’s advanced real fast. She became half-paralyzed, lost her speech, too. My sis Jenet got confined in hospital, too, I also had a near-death attack when my BP crashed, add pneumonia to that,high creatinine level and hypoglycemia, among others.

Three of our iskolars have gone astray despite my persistent follow ups (how frustrating can that be?). Another is on the brink of letting go; skipping classes when he is a few months away from graduation. I’m still not giving up on him though.

Heartbreak over my pets

Our beloved funny Whoopee chihuahua dog died of parvo in February.

My sweet pet Sushi succumbed to a huge prostate lump on June 29; the day our Mom had her second stroke. Did he save Mom, I wondered then?

Some evil-minded persons tried to poison our loving dogs, Chuchu and Duchess, because they were too tough chasing out would-be thieves. They survived after medications and diligent care; that was in August, but in September, Duchess just disappeared. Dog-napped, we believe so. And just recently, Chuchu, the stray sick puppy we saved in 2011, succumbed to her illness. She was nearly blind due to glaucoma. She called to me in her deathbed and we said our tearful goodbyes.

Not to count the little things – or people – that/who can piss you off. Sabi nga, may pinakamahabang pasensya daw. Truth — if I won’t mind, they won’t matter.

Work-wise? No stress. I have an amazing boss and that compensates a lot over pasaway co-workers. ^_^

Well, I also have house worries – things that need repairs, replacement, repainting and general cleaning. Who doesn’t have home concerns? lol

Facing problems, you see, is also a matter of ATTITUDE.

Well, amazingly, problems sort themselves out. Just TRUST that everything will be OK because the Lord always raises us up if we let Him.

Actually, too many great things also happened in 2017 (and still happening) in my life which I don’t always have time to blog about as I am so busy loving and caring for the people around me.

2018? Thankful you came, and I’m still here smiling amid the sad tears brought about by the past year.

I just pray to the Lord that there would be more reasons to laugh and smile, more great news for the country, more peace in the world.

Mabuti pa ako? Yes, puwedeng sabihing oo. Kasi kaya kong dalhin ang mga challenges na dumarating sa buhay ko…pero ‘wag na sanang mabibigat pa kasi tumatanda na rin ako.

Tara! Kanta muna tayo. Sing to our heart’s delight!

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