Ma. Venus Raj Tells Her Story of Dethronement

Ma. Venus Raj

Dear Definitely Filipino Readers:

I finally managed to track down Ma. Venus Raj to hear what she had to say about her shocking dethronement. The only thing I can say is that I heard the ring of truth in her voice…

I had a million questions burning in my mind when I called up Ma. Venus Raj yesterday afternoon. Her sudden dethronement as Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2010 last March 29 had shocked the beauty pageant community and I was praying that inspite of the controversy this has brought to her life, she would answer all my questions instead of giving calculated responses.

And I got my wish! Ma. Venus Raj did not balk at any of my questions and recieved my call with warmth and openness. Photo on the right from OPMB Worldwide…


From the onset of our talk, Ma. Venus Raj made one thing clear: No case against Bb Pilipinas has been filed by her lawyers as of yet. Venus says they are still studying the case and weighing the impact this could have on her and her career in the future.

At the moment, she is hoping that the whole thing can be fixed somehow; that she will be reinstated so that she can take back what she feels is rightfully hers – The Bb Pilipinas Universe 2010 Crown which she won on the evening of March 6, 2010.

Her dream has always been to represent the Philippines in most pretigious beauty pageant in the world – the Miss Universe. But after all the embarrassment and heartache, would she still take the crown back? Without skipping a beat she told me: “Of course! If I’m reinstated, I will take back the crown!” But inconsistencies between her birth certificate and her verbal account of her birth have taken it all away.

Ma. Venus Raj receiving a special award at the Bb. Pilipinas 2010 Beauty Pageant. If you look over her left shoulder, you'll see Nikette Henson, the candidate who will replace Venus in the Miss Universe 2010.

VENUS’ CURIOUS BIRTH HISTORY Ma. Venus Raj says, from the very start, she never hid the story of her birth from the Bb Pilipinas screening committee. The main points of her story are:

1) that she was born in Qatar, out of wedlock, to a Filipina mother and an Indian father.

2) that her only birth certificate (which was filed by her Aunt in Bicol when she was 3 years old) says she was born in the Philippines to a Filipina Mother and Filipino Father.

3) that her birth certificate uses the name of her biological father (and that’s why her last name is Raj) but lists him down as a Filipino.

I asked Ma. Venus Raj why she even bothered telling them this story when she could have very well kept the information to herself and no one would be the wiser. But she says people ALWAYS ask her why her last name is Raj and so, she gives the details mentioned above – according to what her mother has always told her. Venus says, she has no reason to lie about it. She adds that when she joined Ms Earth in 2008 she was honest with them about her background and was allowed to join.

had the chance to chat with Lorraine Schuck, head of the Miss Earth organization and Lorraine confirmed that Venus was honest with her birth history.

Ma. Venus Raj in swimsuit at the Bb. Pilipinas 2010 Beauty Pageant.


Ma. Venus Raj couldn’t help but ask the same questions all other pageant fans are asking – Why did Bb. Pilipinas allow her to join if she did not meet the birth requirements in the first place? Why let her go through the whole exercise only to dethrone her in the end? And also, why didn’t Bb. Pilipinas just ignore the inconsistencies since she was honest about them? She is half Filipina anyway and has lived most of her life in the Philippines.

I have sent an email to Bb. Pilipinas to get their side of the story but have not recieved answers to all my questions.


Ma. Venus Raj said that in the days leading up to her dethronement, some Bb. Pilipinas officials kept asking her questions regarding her birth certificate, but she had NO idea that those questions would lead to her shocking dethronement.

Venus says it happened this way: she was invited to the Bb. Pilipinas office where lawyers sat down with her. They told her that there was a serious problem because she was born in Qatar and not the Philippines and mentioned the other inconsistencies between her birth account and certificate.

Then the most shocking thing happened. Venus said the lawyers gave her two options: resign or be dethroned. She had initially thought that they were there to help her iron out the problem. Instead, they were there to take her dream away. She broke down in tears, in total disbelief. But she held on to what honor she had left by refusing to resign.

After the lawyers had given her the bad news, the Bb Pilipinas leadership and staff arrived but there was no consoling the girl.

The result: Ma. Venus Raj was dethroned on Mar. 29, 2010 by the Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc.


That’s another valid question I couldn’t help but asking. Did the pageant organizers dislike her in any way?

But Ma. Venus Raj said that she had NEVER felt any animosity or felt any ‘intriga’ coming from the Bb. Pilipinas camp. In her heart and mind, she was loved and prized so the dethronement came as a major surprise and felt like betrayal.

Venus says she had never cried so much in her entire life. When she returned home to her Mom and four sisters, it didn’t stop; they all hugged and cried together. Venus said it was one of the most painful days in her life.

Blog author Joyce Burton Titular with Ma. Venus Raj on the night she won Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2010.


I asked Venus about Nikette Henson but I hardly had finished my question when Venus jumped in with a very firm tone saying it was NOT Nikette’s fault; she had nothing to do with this. Venus added that the day she was dethroned, Nikette came over to see her in the evening and they had a heart to heart talk. They remain steadfast friends.


In the days immediately after her dethronement Ma. Venus Raj confirms that the support for her grew overwhelming. She says the words of encouragement coming from texters, Facebook friends, bloggers and pageant fans have been giving her the emotional boost she needs to face this battle.

But is she going to take this battle into court?

Ma. Venus Raj is uncertain. But what is sure is that she needs your prayers so that she can make the right decision.

Venus, you will ALWAYS be the one I saw crowned on the night of March 27, 2010. And although the crown has been given to someone else, it will never erase the vision I have in my head that keeps playing over and over again: of you looking so beautiful while trying to keep that crown balanced on your head. As I recall, it almost fell but it didn’t! And I’ll take that as a sign that you haven’t fallen; God has you SAFE in His hand. And who knows what will happen next? Your story ISN’T over YET! by Joyce Burton Titular, the blogging beauty queen…

Ma. Venus Raj (center) a beauty queen forever...