LSS: Just Give Me a Reason


Last Song Syndrome. LSS.

It’s when the song sticks like pudding in your brain and you catch yourself humming it wherever you go, even blurting it out loud at the most inopportune time. You think about the song while you work, drive, eat, bathe, even before you go to sleep. Sometimes, the song burns itself into your memory and you wake up with the musical imagery.

It’s like an earworm with the catchy melody staking its hook into your mind. According to the trusted (snark) Wikipedia, this musical earworm is a “common phenomenon and should not be confused with palinacousis, a rare medical condition caused by damage to temporal lobe of the brain that results in auditory hallucinations.”

This syndrome can be embarrassing, especially when the song happens to be the pathetic (although catchy) Justin Bieber song. Ugh, my face turned red when one of my students caught me singing “Like baby, baby, baby, oh. I thought you’d always be mine, mine”. This song is as embarrassing as my obsession (thankfully gone) with Britney Spears’ “Hit me, baby, one more time”.

“Just Give Me a Reason”- released October 2012

“Just Give Me a Reason” is an original song written by the irrepressible PINK with Nate Ruess from the American band Fun. It was a conversation between a couple as they tried to hang on to their relationship, pleading with each other to find a reason to love each other again. The pop ballad barreled its way to number one in the Hot 100 chart.

This is one song that I’m proud to call my LSS.

Covers- The hit song had spawned countless covers, as posted on Youtube. Even the Chipmunks joined in the fray.

Rhap Salazar and Shane Anja Tarun

Michael Henry and Justin Robinett

Back Track

And as a bonus, I discovered Nate Ruess, an indie rock singer/songwriter from Arizona, formerly of the band Format and now the lead vocalist of “Fun.”.

I had written about Pink before. As a latecomer to Pink’s musical genius, I was totally taken under her spell. At a time of a major change in my life, Pink gently nudged me to celebrate my inner rock star. Now, she had just given me my latest LSS.

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