Loving Someone You Haven’t Met

Do you think you can love someone you haven’t even met?

Everyday after school, I walk from St. Martin de Porres building (UST Medicine Building) to my apartment at P. Noval Street, except when I’m carrying my heavy backbreaking medical books. During those times, I would take the jeepney from Dapitan.

But whenever I walk, I find myself following the same route everyday. I walk through the “catwalk” as they call it, then I will pass by the Health Service, cross the street to the Post Office, walk by the Main Building, the Church…then finally, out to P. Noval Street. Yeah, same old route everyday. (Sign of autism? hehe) But one day, as I was walking under the heat of the sun, I had this realization…we can love someone we haven’t met.

This thought came to me while I was contemplating on the path that I took…a career in medicine. It is not an easy road ahead, I know. I have to go through a lot of tough times just so I can have the two letters, M & D attached to my name. I have been studying almost all my life…from pre-med, to med proper. Then I would continue on to medical internship, residency (specialty training) and fellowship. It would take me almost two decades just to establish my career. Most of my high school batchmates are now on the top of their careers, have settled down, and have at least one kid. While here I am, praying to God that He would let me marry before the age of 35, so I wouldn’t have a high risk pregnancy. While other people have eight hours of sleep every night, we med students are lucky to have at least four. And it’s frustrating, because even after studying both handouts and the books, there are some exams that would just leave you dumbfounded. No matter how much effort you put in, still they make it hard for you…

Sometimes, I stop and think about all the hardships I’m going through. All these for what? For my parents? Well, partly. Because I am planning to give something back, after all their sacrifice, just so I can finish medicine. But I think it’s impossible for us to give back the same amount our parents have given us. So who will benefit most from all my sacrifices? It’s someone I haven’t met. And someone that I will love unconditionally, whatever this person may be. It’s a wonder how I can do all these for someone who, I am certain, will also cause me sleepless nights and give me heartaches. But I know that this person would bring me the happiness and love that I would never experience with anyone else. For this person I offer all my blood, sweat and tears. For this person, I would give up my life…My future child.

Written on 03 March 2006, when the author was still a medical student in UST. She is now a licensed physician in the Philippines, and still loving that someone she hasn’t met.

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