Love, would you dare to give a second chance?

loveI GUESS when you’re young, you don’t care whether a guy is taking advantage of you or not. As long as you like him, it doesn’t matter, yeah? It doesn’t feel stupid. But when you mature and reach a certain age, you would just realize you’re done with flirting and you can’t stay single and flirt forever. At some point you would realize you want someone you can trust to be there when friends are all busy now living their lives.

And so you fix yourself, set your thoughts that you are willing to go out now and meet people and I realized… Love… it happens when you decide to make it happen and that law of attraction I keep claiming to be real is actually a fact. I have come to realize that love is indeed a decision. It comes when you decide you want it in, when you finally put down your guard after a long time… When you finally open yourself to the possibility of loving again without hoping you’d find someone who looks like your ex or who treats you the way your former lovers have done.

Now I understand what starting over again means. It doesn’t always mean you get back with an old lover, settle issues, fix things and start a relationship with them again. Sometimes it simply means you start from scratch. A new environment, where everyone is not liable for all the pains you have been through. A mindset where you don’t expect people to be responsible for your losses and grudges in life. You don’t doubt people’s kindness anymore, you learn to trust humans again, after all, they have nothing to do with that jerk who screwed your life. You don’t compare people anymore.

You give yourself and others a chance, and by giving a chance, it means not waiting for them to screw up, not associating your ex’s blunders with the mistakes this new person may commit. Giving a chance means not thinking that the love you found now would end up like the same tragic story as the last one. Starting over again means you allow these new people to love you in their own way and not the way you ex has loved you.

Decide to love again. You would get hurt, you might even be depressed for loving but it’s all part of it. We learn to love the proper way through those heartaches and mistakes we’ve had in the past and if we don’t keep on loving, we would never learn to nurture people in our lives. How can we learn to be sensitive with others feelings if we have never been rejected? How can we learn to reconcile if we never had misunderstandings before? How can we appreciate a faithful man if we have never been cheated before? How can we understand the worth of people if we were never neglected before?

There’s no guarantee it is going to be a happy ending, but love anyway.
It doesn’t make you less of a person for loving many times in your life time.

You want to be happy? Love. •

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