Love That Forgives

Soulmate comes at a time when you badly need someone. And that exactly happened to me.

Was just finished with my divorce, was really down, I didn’t know what to do, was so alone.

A friend invited me together with other friends to a birthday party in a club with a live band. It was a good decision to come with them, at least, I forgot my problems for a while.

We were enjoying ourselves until late in the evening. Then this man together with his friend came. They introduced themselves, but this man sat on my opposite table and talked to me the whole night. He said he’ll be calling me the next day.

I thought to myself, he’ll surely not call, it was only a joke, but he called, and it was the beginning of a very nice love story. We had a long distance relationship; he in Belgium and I in Germany.

Of course, there were ups and downs, but we really loved each other, in good and bad days. Life was not always rosy. After fourteen years, he got sick, and must stay in his country for a while, but we always had a daily communication through internet.

In the middle of 2015, he told me to send him back all his gifts to me. I was speechless, hurt. I just said ok, if it’s what you want. It was also the end. I sent him back everything. But afterwards, for him, it was as if nothing changed.

He always sent messages which I did not answer. But he was always in my mind.

2016, on his birthday , I greeted him, and he said it was the most beautiful gift. He told me that he has a nurse and the nurse always come with him when he goes to the Coast for the fresh air which is good for his lungs.

I told him teasingly, “Oh, you and the nurse are a good pair.”

He answered that he has no other woman except me.

Well, I believed everything that he said. I asked him also where the woman sleeps when they were together, and his answer was, “Of course, in her bedroom”.

I really believed him, I trusted him. And we continued with our communication. I thought he was sick and can’t come the long way. This year March, I received a message from an unknown woman stating “J ja in Love, Wish him luck.”

I was a bit irritated because I didn’t know the woman. I asked J if he knows her and he said she’s his nurse.

I was so curious that I asked the woman who she is to write me that.

After a week of giving me peace, I sent her a message; thanking her for taking care of J. And that I’m sometimes jealous because she’s there instead of me. And her answer shocked me.

She said, “We had an affair for a year. And yes, we were sleeping together in one bed.”

I cried, cried, cried. This is too much. He broke my heart, stabbed me in the heart and dug it more and more. My heart was killed, it stopped.

Now we are friends. He told me we will be forever soul mates. I know no one will ever replace him in my heart. I always forgive, but we’ll never be together anymore. He now has another partner, a dancing partner, a companion. I tell him always that I am happy for him. My only wish now is to see and to hug him very tight. One last time.

A heart that forgives

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