Love Pyramid: Eros to Philia to Agape

Eros: Erotic Love

I fell in love with a boy. I watched him grow and hope to become fully matured. I longed for him to be a man and be responsible enough to carry out his plans and promises. I patiently waited for the right time to come but I guess he is not meant to grow with me and fulfill those cherished dreams. I fell in love with a boy, when I should not. Sadly, it was a sad love.

Philia: Affectionate Love

I fell in love with a guy who happens to be a friend. He became a beautiful part of my story. I tried to suppress the fact that I was falling. I put a wall that would separate me from the absurd idea of wanting us to be more than friends though it is what I always wanted since then. Everyday seems like a never ending pretension, then I had gone through confession, created conflicts and broke the friendship that deserved to last. I fell in love with a guy who happens to be a friend, when I should not. Sadly, it was a sad love.

Agape: Selfless Love

I fell in love with a stranger. I just needed to look at him to make that love become even more intensified. I just have to hear his voice for me to be completely smitten. Saw his smile from a distance and I have butterflies rumbling all over my stomach. The sight of him makes me happy and lonely. He belongs to someone else. An amazing man has an amazing woman by his side. I can sense jealousy deep down my bones but I have no rights to feel that way. I fell in love with a stranger who happens to be tied significantly, when I should not. Sadly it was a sad love.

Maybe I experienced all of these to remind me that there are different kinds of love; that despite all these, still, there is a one of a kind love existing and is already designed for me but really is taking its time to reach me, as a matter of fact, its ending is a beautiful beginning, it will grow into friendship until strangeness dissipates.

I fell in love with a boy and we decided to grow apart even if I didn’t want to in the first place. But I learned my lesson, I shouldn’t be settling with anything less.

I fell in love with a guy who happens to be a friend and we decided to keep the friendship above all else. But I learned my lesson, I should make the friendship last for it is what it deserves.

I fell in love with a stranger and I decided to keep it for myself. I should learn my lesson and it would be much better if I try not to intervene with the foundation that is tied so tight over the years.

Loving can hurt; yes loving can hurt not sometimes but oftentimes. It will put you into test and you have no choice but to endure it painstakingly until the end, until you reach the state when it doesn’t  hurt you anymore. It is an emotion we tend to avoid and even chooses not to have but it is one of the greatest things of being a human. Being able to love and be loved fully with no hesitation. Being able to value time, friendship and relationships of other people. It is making our lives become more meaningful. This is the truest side of loving, a reward for living.

This is my story.

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