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Authors Note: The body of this letter contains a real story of a friend of mine. Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain, love letter that reflect the current state of romance through the written word reflecting the entire range of romantic emotion! These love letter may inspired or reflect on the romantic nature of other couples. Either way,  you’ll treasure words as much as the person to whom they are written.


Hey you, first and for most don’t just read this letter but please do understand every penny of it. I’m going to reveal and I decided to jot all the things I been thinking all this time about you.

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You know, I might be confessing you some secrets! Way back then…, First time I set my eyes on you, where was it? I could still recalled! I, when I saw you smiling my heart beat faster and it freaking my entire world to know you… But can you see how shy I am? Instead of rushing myself to shake your hands and introduce my name unto you, I keep my self-busy in the corner while gossiping my ear to listen your sweet voice while you’re talking. You don’t have any idea how sweet your voice, do you? I have to do something to let you stay on that day, that’s my first thought! I might offer something to eat or to drink for you to stay!! But damn, I just can’t spell it out! My hands are shaking, and my knees are betraying me by not showing mercy to stand up!

“Hi how are you?” asked by you, when you throw a glance on the corner. T’was maybe the sweetest greetings I’ve heard! I glanced at your face that covers with gorgeous looks and those most fascinating smiles of you that shown all over your face. Oh God, I could tell that my good manner on replying on your greetings seems not working on my mind! I felt the strong forces that pull my tongue not to talk!

“Hi” Finally I heard my own voice; I can feel the embarrassment and the full blush reflection on my face in my mind. I can saw the look on your face! I can’t explain it but it seems that you are having fun on seeing my red blushed face!! I excused and rushed myself outside! Damn! I can’t hold myself! I really like you!!! When I came back, still you’re there laughing with them… I can’t help but to stay in the corner to listen on your talks and secretly looking on your face in a distance! How funny it is but I feel like a child again! A child!??? Yeah damn right and NO it is not!!! A child who losses her mind and NO I am just a human who adore you! It feels good to see you laughing!

Day by day, I always wish that you’ll drop by to say hello to them again! But I always failed! Yeah, it’s been an awkward feeling to feel this way to a stranger but can’t this be  love, for a first sight? Naaah dude!!! I am twenty four years old already to feel that way!!And yeah, I have been in relationship that breaks my heart to consider it! But honestly, you make me wonder, the feeling was new to me! Do you have any idea how amazing you are? Your smile brings joy to every soul. Your sense of humor lightens people heart. Or do I just adore you that much!

“Who are you!?”That was the question I asked to someone!

“He is quite a good catch, love his family especially his mother that much, Indeed he is a good man but unfortunately he is not interested on having a relationship even to you! He clearly emphasis it!” that was one of the adorable answer yet a bomb words I heard from Jessica (pen name) one of my family, who is dear to me, and happened to be your close friend, that you treated and respected very well. It breaks my heart though! That snob!!! I exclaimed!!! Yeah! I am really quite and surprised!!

Oh God!!! You’re laughing upon reading??? Excuse me, don’t laugh at me idiot! No sorry, I know you’re not idiot!

By the way, that was two years ago then! Back in reality, if it happened that you can read this, you’ll definitely smile for no reason. Then again you will be patiently mocking me again and again- which I do love! Many things I learned and discovered about you! You’re not just a guy I adore with! But you’re one of a kind that possesses many good characters! I do admire you more, the way you love your siblings! You consider my opinion and gave credit by appreciating every little thing. You’re a great man! Now that I belong to you, I will always be that girl who likes and adore you for what you are!

Hey Man, Yeah, You and YOU!!!!! Listen up!!!! Read it up!! I clearly understand about the word PRIVACY you imposed to tell me! Now, I’ve noticed that you are smiling! So keep smiling, knowing that I reveal this again and again…. and the little secrets of our relationship that keep us alive!!! One thing for sure baby, I keep our privacy in my heart and in my soul! But to reveal this little secret makes me happy! How we meet and how I adore you!!!! I will keep telling to our sibling from generation to generation!!!

Now, thank you for believing me after all!!! For letting me live with my dreams! For being a man that I love! Ill gonna keep you and love you babe for the rest of my life! Indeed, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”!



Your woman

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