Love in 2 hours and 40 minutes

This is what you call killing time. From Jeddah to Sharjah this song pops out of nowhere…. I’m falling for you, finally my heart gave in… And I’m falling in love. I’ve finally known how it feels… So this is LOVE.

Cheesy than all the cheese curls combined in this planet, everyone adores the feeling of being in love. The spontaneous silly grin when you remember his face, that spine tingling chill brought by the first “accidental” brushing of the hands, the electric shock of a kiss, the indescribable smell of his breath in the morning, the unacceptable snoring, the disheveled hair you love to touch, the wet underarms, oh the list is endless. At some point you try to focus on these colored parts. But surprisingly, the black and gray moments makes the story more phenomenal and striking. The <insert here>  moments. The time when you’re throwing cruel and painful words at each other. That day when you said he’s the most horrible person on Earth. That month when you almost lost the love because your faith is too weak. That moment when you are close to giving up because you stop trying. That second when you decided to walk away but then the moment you took a step you ask yourself: “How about the colored parts?”

How about the laugh till your intestine hurt part? The beaming face behind the unopened apartment door after a long crappy day. The McDonalds happy meal with the Kung Fu Panda toy. The goofy Polaroid’s. The annual walk in the rain bash. Free foot rubs. The “bring me 3 different slices of cake” day. The movie and Hungarian sausage dates. The waking before sunrise and waiting for sunsets shits. The lingerie and boxers night. So you come to your senses and say what the hell. Black and gray looks awesome when mixed with colored parts.

LOVE. One syllable. Four letter word. Short, simple yet so complicated. Not for the weak. Feared by the bold. Can make you Nicole Richie thin or Queen Latifah fat. It’s either depressing or euphoric.

For me it’s not just a word. It should be more of an action. It gives me balance. Makes me neither thin nor fat (sexy!). And most of all gives me that rare natural high. That awesome sense of being called happiness.

When you found the ONE, it’s like a crayon and the ability to color. It looks good if blending is perfect but don’t be afraid to experiment. It might be a little out of line sometimes but regardless if its bright or dark, despite the color patches and blotches, if you found the ONE, it will be an inexplicable work of art. You must fill in the colors yourself.

About gretchen edusada

part time superwoman. flies maximum of 100 hours a month. sleeps maximum of 7-12hours a day. spends more time up there than in bed. i have an energizer bunny running in my head all the time. it never gets tired. loves to eat. loves to sleep. loves to travel. its like my middle name. this is one of my counterparts. this is where i keep my not so personal stuff. an account of my travels, food stuff, swell things, anything that interests me. i have a special talent. i sleep while I’m awake. i can do it at the same time. I am not so thrilled of flying. So this is not specifically made for flying stories. Or maybe it won’t hurt to tell some. I am more thrilled with the following words. Life. Passion. Adventure. Dreams. Happiness. Love. This is basically my escape from the real world. This keeps me sane. I’m a Pinay superwoman. And I am proud to be one.