Love Hurts, You Know…. (T_T)

 lovehurts_2“We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain, we jumped never asking why, we kissed, I fell under your spell. A love no one could deny… Don’t you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you, I can’t live a lie, running for my life, I will always want you…”

Heto na naman tayo, mga panyero…… nakatulala at nag-iisip ng kandahaba-haba…. Habang nakikinig sa musika ng inyong paboritong artista…..  Broken-hearted ka?

LOVE HURTS, YOU KNOW……. What Is It Anyway?  We have again gone out to have a drink with colleagues. We talked to somebody a few hours ago, again in search and were assisted by one of our mates to find love. What is love really? Where are you? What is this all about? Tell me….and I will  tell you….

Chocolate na marami, tagayan na walang hangganan, gamot na walang kinahihinatnan…… Sakit na wala sa kalingkingan at dama ng buong katawan….. Iyon ang tanging sandigan nng mga pusong sugatan…..

LOVE??? For me, it feels good to make someone smile and have joy. Even gaining pleasure from their joy can be considered selfish, but when you love someone, that’s the good kind of selfish feeling you want. Love, Love, Love…. Love and Love…..

Love hurts bad Aas Hhll…. Ito na yata ang pinaka-worst na description na masasabi ko…. We think we have never felt that really. We have cried ourselves on certain occasions of being hurt, really, but were all that real?

But on the other side of my mind.. it says, Love is beautiful that when you feel this you will be inspired, grow strong and passionate; physically and spiritually improved..

What hurts is rejection as we can’t force anyone to accept our love or not everyone is capable to accept the way we want to give it.. Di ba masakit pa sa masakit ito.. Ouch ito sa ouch.

Broken promises, betrayal, cheats, and all other that ruin our capability to trust poison our soul…That makes LOVE HURT us badly.

At ang pinakamasakit sa salitang Love ay dahil nabigo ka sa gusto mo na ‘di naayon sa panahon at ‘di sumabay sa tugtug ng musika na pinapangarap mong marinig … At bigla bigla mong nakalimutan ang salitang GOD dahil akala mo masaya ka na sa piling niya….

Love is pure and good as it is ……. I would never change it for the world….love hurts…..but the pain is worthy to be learned!!  Yes… and it is also the best thing to happen to us…… It reminds us that we are still alive to face a new day and hope for something better or if things are great, we hope they stay the same. Love hurts because sometimes good things just have a price tag attached to them…

 Keep on praying, God heals a broken heart… not now, but time does heal.

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