Love at First Sight is Not a Hoax!

There are things in life that you wouldn’t understand not until it happens to you. Some things that you wouldn’t dare to believe until you experience the same. Sure life really is defining every people, every person is being built with the foundation of hardships and terrible incidents. Mistakes are being polished to be a lesson, failures are presented to be a stepping stone, setbacks are always there for us to be able to move forward after a pause, though sometimes it’s taking us so long to move on.

I saw him. We pulled two different, paralleled doors at the same time and as our eyes locked onto each other, in that split of second, I knew, right there and then, he became the beginning of a beautiful chapter of the story I am founding, and with a pen in my hand, I could happily write in each and every pages.

With his every steps I followed, with his every turn I swiveled too, to change my direction. I saw his back, I’m right behind him, staring. I was engulfed with those calculating eyes, I was submerged with that smirk, that small smile fixed on those lips. Then like a gush of wind, I knew, right there and then, he became an ink, permanently tainted my heart.

It is my firm stand not to believe in you. I was thinking that you are just a beautiful lie created by the hopeless and the romanticists. Why such a wonderfulest you could exist? It is too good to be true, the idea itself is so enormous to be imagined. But one day, a one fine new day, I was captivated. I was engulfed with the warmth you may bring, I was submerged with the thought of joy and dreamt contentment. Then like surpassing on the reality, he just came, I knew, right there and then, that the state I’m very in, is you, yes in you.

Eventually I came to accept the fact that you are real. A part of life that I do now understand because you have happened to me. I dared to believe because you made me experience the same. Sure life really defined me, you were not a mistake nor a terrible incident. You are too beautiful to be at fault. Though my mind is pulling me down and out but I knew, right there and then, I was bound to meet you like it was destined to be.

I saw him. We pulled two different doors at the same time and behind the two closed doors being pulled open were the two lives being paralleled to each other, it is like new lines being drawn..anyhow these two lines would never cross but at some strangest point in time, it can do touch and overlap, becoming perfectly fit to each other, and finally it would stay.

Hello, and nice to meet you, Mr. Love at First Sight.


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