Love A Girl Who Draws

A girl who draws


Her world comes in a form of paper and pencils. How she simply adds meaning and creates a new form of art. How she finds happiness in every parts and corners of the plain paper she holds.

Love a girl who draws. She doesn’t care about her looks, as long as she makes a beautiful art today. Her hair may be a mess with color pencils as her pins, crumpled papers on the floor, eraser bids scattered on the table, and marker smudge on her face. Yet you fall for her even more, because she’ll be prettier more than you can possibly imagine.

Love a girl who draws. She may not talk a lot but her works can speak louder.

You’ll wonder what she’s thinking; making you worried how she just kept silent as she focuses on her piece. Just smile, give her time. She’s just making something up and after that you’ll see, she made a new masterpiece out of it.

Compliment her. Criticize her. Make her know what you think. She wants the truth, if she’s doing it right. Then she’ll just smile and goes back to fix it.

Love a girl who draws. One day she’s as bright as any color, but most of the times she can be darker than black and white. Afraid of losing ideas, creativity, passion, running out of concepts and feeling her world will just fall. Understand her. Comfort her. She’ll just cry and then smile back. She’s already fine.

She’s anxious when her stuff is lost or even destroyed just a little. Little things matters to her. She’s moody or easily annoyed, but don’t you worry it will just pass by. She just wants everything to be perfect, with every detail that there is.

Love a girl who draws. She simply finds happiness in buying and having art mediums. Let her. She creates masterpiece with them. Surprise her with a box of what she wants like sketchbooks, paints, pencils and markers. She’ll be blissful just even to the smallest medium. That’s what she need. You’ll make her fall for you even more.

Love a girl who draws. She creates a new world with you, where she can be more than what she can be. You’ll be travelling everywhere, in a land which you haven’t seen. She’ll make memories on the sheets and it will be timeless and precious as time passes by. For every captured moments she has with you, are never forgotten, as she simply tries to picture them again in those clean flat sheets.

Love a girl who draws. She’ll add colors to your life and makes a new form of art with you one day.
She will draw you; paint you, make a gallery for you, even make a whole new form of art just for you. To let the world know, how you make her happy more than anything with her art. She’ll never fail to make you happy with the cutest doodles she can possibly make. How she makes them and how she spends time for perfection. She’ll pray and hopes that you’ll like and love them, for her, all she wants is to see you smile.

Love a girl who draws. Because she’ll make the most beautiful form of art. That will truly captivate your heart.

Love a girl who draws. She’ll be giving her hands to you someday. She’ll create and give a new meaning to art with you all the way. To simplest gesture of her hands and fingers tracing your features in every morning she wakes up with you. As she simply places her hands to your lips and makes a smile out of it. Her hands that will try to sketch what she truly feels at your back to express how much she cares. And her fingers, trying to linger at your palm, just to make the moment last and she wishes not to end.

Take care of her hand and never let her go, because the moment she gives them to you, she knows that other than papers and pencils, she is rest assured that she’s in good hands. So is her heart.

About Jeini Relova

23. Filipino. A Baptist Christian. An Artist (who loves to doodle, takes pictures, design clothes and many more) but chooses the path of Science ending up taking Midwifery and Nursing (and ganda noh? connected much? LOL.) “Nursing is an Art” according to F. Nightingale, maybe, that’s why I have both. I’m a little bit talkative and almost talks about random stuffs.