Lost Potentials: A Common Pinoy Problem

Courtesy of the Guardian
Courtesy of the Guardian
Courtesy of the Guardian

This is my first article here on Definitely Filipino and I consider this a truly great honor.

Filipinos have great potential. We have great minds that often come out of various institutions, we have a lot of natural resources to rely on and we have a considerable population that we can draw power on. Unfortunately, more often than not, we fail to properly utilize a lot of those resources, resulting in furthering the Philippines’ ever-worsening situation. The great minds that do come out all too often leave and find a career in another country where their talents are better appreciated. The natural resources we have are sold to other countries that can render them from being raw materials to useful products which are then sold back to the Philippines. The population we have are all too often uneducated, illiterate and unlawful and therefore not the kind of productive citizenry that can help a country rise from the muck of poverty.

In the end we are left with nothing but corrupt officials who run the country to the ground and uncouth rabble that have no idea what the word “leadership” actually entails. While certainly gifted, the gifts of many Filipinos are either left unappreciated, squandered for useless endeavors or are used for less than legal or ethical practices. Here are two big reasons why the Philippines has failed, is failing and will continue to fail unless something is done about them:


Ah, the manana habit. There’s always tomorrow after all. This is the common Pinoy’s favorite excuse when too lazy, afraid or irresponsible to do what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, while opportunities always knock on the doors of the Philippines, they won’t knock forever. It’s a fact of life, really. Sooner or later they’re going to get tired of waiting and move on to someone they think is better.

Look, let’s get this straight, there might always be a tomorrow but the question is that will it be the tomorrow you want? Will you even show up when tomorrow finally comes? Or will you be sleeping as the world welcomes a new and wonderful dawn without you?


Another common problem among Pinoys is their tendency to eschew responsibility. Note that when something happens such as the arrival of another typhoon, a terrorist attack of another maritime disaster takes place, no one seems to want to take responsibility. No one wants to be held accountable for what happened and simply pass on the buck to someone else and draw attention away from themselves.

Note that when something good does happen then everybody wants to take credit for it even if all they really did was stand on the sidelines. A truly dismaying display of “pinoy pride” if ever there was one.

Unless we can take responsibility for our actions, then we can never hope to make positive changes in our loving country. Unless we can hold ourselves accountable for some of the troubles that happen on an almost regular basis, then we have no hope of identifying our real problems and solving them for good.