Looking for, and finding a job at 45

Finally,finally, the long wait is over.

The past 2 days were particularly long,what with me waiting for word regarding my application.What worried me no end was the requirement to speak with an American accent during the interview.Will I even sound convincing? How phony I must  sound!I even voiced out my apprehension to the hubby regarding that particular issue.Imagine having to be rejected just because I could not pull off an American accent.

Two days passed,I could no longer contain myself.I left a message with the manager who is also based in the Philippines to please update me on my application. The answer: MA’AM YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY HIRED. I could have hit the roof!!!
As much as the monetary compensation that I would get from teaching,the affirmation brought about by getting hired after more than 6 years of hiatus is more than enough reason for that ecstatic feeling I have. Oh my God! I am still as good as ever.

Venturing into other fields surely has its rewards (so I can do Math,after all).The academe sheltered me from some of the harsh realities of life. Meeting other people outside of the academe made me realize that the deadlines that I dreaded then,the lectures that had to prepared, and the papers that had to be graded were all very simple compared to the problems besetting other people (where will I get the money to pay for my daughter’s school fees? ,may I borrow a kilo of rice,we do not have a grain for dinner..)

And neither will a word of complaint come from my mouth 6 years after putting up the business..I just do not have the right to complain. With just Php43,000 capital,my husband and I were able to put up a business that sustained us all these years. My son was able to attend the best school that my money could afford, we were able to treat ourselves out once in a while,I was able to pay my bills,what more could we ask for?

Now here comes a chance, again, to do something that has always been close to my heart–teaching.Will I pass up the chance? Add to that the compensation–and the deal is just too hard to resist/With a heavy heart then, I am going back to something that I have always held dear. I will have the rest of my life to thank the gods for giving me the chance to prove myself in other fields,but this time, please allow me to warm up to something that I really love doing. Wish me luck…

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