Long Distance Relationships and Webcam Loving: How far should you go to Bridge the Gap?

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Photo credit to www.today.com
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People who have not had a committed long distance relationship will never understand what people go through on Skype, Yahoo messenger and many other webcam chat sites.

Webcam chats become part of their everyday life, sitting long hours in front of the computer; even in the middle of the night. They chat even when they eat, when they are sick, tired, and even when they are arguing. Everything has to be done in front of the camera to involve the loved one, in their everyday activity.

I have heard people do heavy flirting, and many other intimate activities on the webcam, to feel closer, and still feel connected to each other physically, without actually touching each other.

Is it a good way to uplift, a seemingly excitement-less relationship because of distance?

In everything that is personal in nature — it always depends on how you personally feel about it. What matters is your personal conviction, beliefs and your overall self-estimation of the whole situation. If you think that it will help your relationship, and you do not feel violated, you have all the freedom to do so; after all you are doing it on a private capacity.

Nevertheless, if you are not comfortable, and you think that it is unnecessary, you should not feel obliged to do so. However, remember, oftentimes it takes a couple of years or more, before you get to see, or be reunited with your partner or spouse again, because of their job commitment abroad.

Therefore, it is also your responsibility to adapt to your situation, and keep the intimacy burning between the two of you, even with just the help of a webcam.

If these activities make you feel less of yourself, then do not do it. No one should force you to do things you are not comfortable with, especially when it comes to your body.   Be honest to your partner, and voice your objections clearly. Do not dodge the issue and make excuses, which can make your partner feel unwanted.

Just like in the case of many overseas Filipino workers who are far away from their spouses. The only way they can see each other, and be intimate is to chat with a webcam.  It is also, where they discuss family budgets, their children’s problems in school, and their investment plans, etc.

Moreover, since webcam chat is next to the real thing, because you can see and hear each other — more couples take advantage of this time, to make each other feel needed in a more intimate way.

This way, you are also giving your other half something to look forward to, when you see each other again. The anticipation of what is waiting them is an effective way to keep your interest towards each other alive.

Hence, because you always want to look good on cam for your loved one, you will also be inspired to take care of yourself more, so you are more attractive and appealing to your spouse, which is a good thing.

Just because you are living in a different city or continent, does not mean that your passion for each other has to vanish; be creative and passionate for each other.

Here lies the problem though, how much do you trust your spouse? You must remember, these activities can easily be recorded by mobile phones, cameras and, or by their own computer, or he can take some still shots of you. Be clear as to what he can, or cannot do.

These recorded activities can be used against you; in the event that there are misunderstandings or falling out in the relationship.

If you think you can trust your spouse or partner, with your life, and he has the utmost respect for your privacy — then you would not have any problem. As I said, anything you do on a personal capacity that would not hurt anyone, including yourself, is your personal right.

Women are always challenged to give more, even when it is not comfortable anymore.  The key to a happy and healthy long distance relationship is to understand each other’s needs, and preferences.

If there is complete trust and respect for each other — intimacy may not be too graphic according to your taste — and yet still fulfilling.

It can be sweet and romantic, if both are willing to provide much needed emotional assurance, and special attention to each other’s physical needs — even from a long distance.


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