Little Angels

Dark, tight and smelly.

The teacher suddenly pulled me on a corridor after we heard some loud noise. I was thinking, confused that day, maybe the New Year’s Celebration was early this year. I heard some really good firecrackers, and I looked out of the window to see some amazing fireworks. It was unusual though, for those fireworks to be lit in broad daylight.

Then I heard some screams, most were coming from classroom two doors away from ours. My teacher suddenly rushed outside. I excitedly followed her, thinking that maybe, an early Christmas party was commencing in the nearby classes. It was not fair; they already have a party, while our class is still having our school activities. My classmate followed me outside the door to the corridor, I’m sure they felt the same excitement I have.

My teacher rushed in the nearby rooms where the noises were coming. By the time I decided to take a step to follow my teacher, a hand lifts me up and carries me away from the corridor and back to the classroom. It was the teacher next to our room. I swear I saw her crying while closing the doors, but why? What’s wrong? Is the party over?

“Kids, please do trust me with this one okay?” She said it while faking a smile. I know she was struggling to remain calm. Maybe, we all understand she was serious on what she was asking. We all nodded, someone started sobbing quietly.

“I just want you to be in those cupboards ok? Please don’t cry baby. Just remain quiet there, ok?” The teacher was again smiling, with few tears starting to fell down her cheeks.

There were three closets where she fit us in; I was placed on the third closet with two other kids, one from my class and another from the next classroom.

“I want my Mommy!”

“It was dark here.”

“I’m scared teacher, please let me out!”

“I don’t want to be here.”

 I heard the other kids weeping, I also wanted to cry. But I remember my Mom saying that I should be brave when others were crying. I should encourage them, just like what she does as a nurse in the hospital. I should also protect them like what my dad did as a cop.

“I will lock you here kids, ok? I’m going to slip the keys on the bottom of the closet door, when somebody came here, don’t open the door no matter what, unless a cop came? Ok kids? Remain calm, you are big guys now.”

 We are all scared, but by hearing from the teacher that we are all big guys now, we all remained calm. Three of us sit silently on the small cabinet, listening to every little sound. We heard screams, some of the voices I knew, like my principal, the nice teacher across the corridors who always gives me candy. I heard some of my classmates crying. Then their voice suddenly disappears after a loud sound, the same when my dad lights up a firecracker.

My companions started crying, they were sobbing helplessly as the fear and frustration lingers on our mind. I wanted to cry too, but I need to be brave. I started talking to them, telling them about our dog Shin. How he use to lick my face in the morning and how he always bite my shoes. They started listening to me, and few seconds later, I found them relax.

“Next month will be my birthday, my dad promise to buy me a big car, one where you can really ride on to.”

 “Really? Wow!”

 “Yeah, you need to come to my party, so that we can ride that together!”

 “I want to come, would you invite me?”

 “Sure. My mom said that I grow up fast. I told her I wanted to be a policeman too, or maybe a doctor.”

“I want to be a teacher.”

 “That’s cool, how about you?”

 “I want to be pilot. I want to drive planes.”

 “Woah! That’s amazing.”

 “You can go wherever you want”


 “Or maybe, we can sail a big boat.”

 “Yeah! I want that.”

 They were relaxed again, good thing I never let my fear beat me. My mom is right; I just need to be brave when others were not so that they will be brave too. We started laughing about the things we wanted when we grow up. We can’t also wait for Christmas; we really are looking forward for our gifts. Suddenly, we heard some voice.

“Kids, are you there?”

 “Who are you?!”

 “I’m a cop, I’m here to rescue you, and we get the bad guy. Now come out.”

 “We need to get out, the cops are here!”

 I wanted to stop him from going out, for I fear that the voice we heard is the same guy whom we need to fear. But he runs out of the closet, perfectly manipulating the locks from inside using the key given by the teacher before she rushes out of the room.

I ran after my classmate. I heard a loud noise and I saw him drop to the floor, red fluids gushing near his head. I looked up at the man standing in front of us. Then, I see him, on his eyes reflected things I cannot and will not ever understand. His face calms, as he lift up a gun like in the movies. I heard a loud sound again, like when dad light up the firecrackers. Then I went blank. Eternal darkness comes afterwards.

(Fictional story based on actual events. Please pray for the soul of all the victims of killings and assaults, happened recently in China and Connecticut. May the little angels find peace, while their families find enough courage and faith.)

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