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When you say online, what comes to mind? Don’t fool me, more so yourself that you will just be researching on something, give me your balls if it’s not true. (insert super evil laugh) Of course not right? So tell me, what comes to mind? *ting* FACEBOOK ! Screaming inside your brain, that tells you to log in and voila, social networking on progress. There’s nothing really wrong with Facebook, or netizens call “Facebooking.” You see, the “facebook” now becomes a verb, it’s an action word now. (How the world evolves according to the ever mighty internet, right?) Because when you start a conversation like “What are you doing?” then comes the reply “Facebook.” So, does that mean you’re really DOING SOMETHING? Well, procrastinating is something, right? Anyway, I admit, I will not be much of a hypocrite to say I don’t have a Facebook account, because I do. It’s fun most of the time, but it’s somewhat boring, depressing and a little stupid (because of the people i will tell you later) most of the time. At times, when I feel that my “Facebooking” has left me nothing but an arched eyebrow, I deactivate, but because I’m human, so vulnerable to the power of Facebook, I end up activating it again, but with a different purpose. *wink*

So when the era of social networking blasted and bombed every device available to human hands, people come to it’s aid to express themselves. Since I am a user of this so called Facebook and even Twitter, which I guess two of the leading social networking created by geniuses now millionaires, I have noticed that there are people, especially teens and whatever got this “express oneself” on the wrong note. I will try my hardest and best to explain this matter further without hurting one’s ego and make them feel guilty of their irresponsible use of the internet. Oops, sorry. Did I just hurt anyone? Read on my list below, and tell me your thought…

The Love-Hate-Love-Hate-Love Relationship Cycle via Facebook
Let me tell you of a love story. Boy loves Girl, and also Girl loves boy. What a joy! Both have Facebook accounts, and posted “In a Relationship with BOY” says the Girl, and the boy, wearing all his smile countered with “Married to GIRL.” Wow, you both look happy with each other, a friend comments. Pictures of them together, holding hands, dates and all the happy moments. A month has passed, Something wrong happened, there then comes a Status War over on Facebook, calling names, deleted pictures, laying each other’s sh*t. Girl cries, status changed to “It’s Complicated” so with Boy. Everything went down like the tides, and before everyone got over with their grief, surprise! “So happy to have you. I love you so much” status. And you know what happens next, right? And I’m sorry to say this, God I’m just so disgusted. Okay I’m sorry about that.. What I want to say is, your relationship is for you both, yours to share and cherish, you don’t need the whole world to see, or if that’s the way you want it, at least control somethings. It’s cute seeing your happy pictures and stuff because people know you’re together. But what happens when you two break up? It’s a mess and you don’t know because we don’t have the same perspective. I have a special someone, but never once I was tempted to post ourselves on Facebook, though sometimes a write a status and tweet something, but you still have to guess what I’m talking about. Take control Sister, people will get annoyed trust me. Instead of sympathy, annoyance comes in flash. For me, when you have a relationship with someone, try to keep it private because in that way you’ll be able to treasure it more than broadcasting it and ends up in a whirlwind of a mess.

The “lost for appropriate words” via Twitter
I have twitter alright. And at times, i tend to use it as a “mini blog” where I post all my hate, happiness actually all feelings. But I noticed how others misuse the sacred Twitter over their self-imposed problems. For instance, how do you feel when you see a tweet saying something like “This subject is so hard!” And what am I supposed to say to you? Tell you I feel what you feel and you’ll be fine, NO! If you’re right in my face, I’ll just probably slap you a hundred times. They say Twitter, is voicing your thoughts, that’s true, but what about those a little sense less thoughts you have? do they still have the right to be posted? Man, you just wasted a minute of my life to read your worthless tweet.

The Narcissistic-Super Detail Attentive via Instagram

“This food is so amazing!!! hashtag, selfie” OK. so what was I supposed to understand here? Your face is the amazing food or you’re a retard who’s doing selfie instead of capturing the real amazing food? Here’s another one, “Favorite food!! Burrrp.” and what did I see? A picture of an empty plate, glass or whatever it is that holds your “favorite food.” WHYYYYYYYYY? I think I’m gonna be emotional here, and by emotional, I’m beginning to get bitchy! Oops sorry.

It’s okay to post selfie, but can you at least put a caption that seem fit for the picture? Some even put mushy song lyrics that does not even connect with your face. So tell me, I’m overreacting? Okay here’s the deal, I may take selfies myself, but hey I don’t say things like “Ugh! So haggard face..” Then why did you post it? Waiting for others to tell you you look fine?

Okay, since I have laid out everything, I’ll be waiting for your bombs to throw at me. See you online!

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