Life Isn’t In Black And White

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I think that one of our biggest problems as a people tends to be our immaturity. I do not make this statement lightly nor do I really expect everyone to agree, but the problem is all too often rooted in how we, as a people tend to think.

One of the biggest offenders in our society is that too many of us cater to the idea of what is called “black and white morality”. This concept can be better explained here on but the gist of it is that this is when there are only good guys and bad guys and little else in between. However, while this makes a good background for books, movies and TV shows, this is not something that can be found in real life. When applied in real life, all you actually get is “black and white insanity” which can also be explained on another Tvtropes page here and is essentially a sign of immaturity and mental instability.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly taken from

In our society, especially when it comes to our politics, we often make the mistake of seeing one candidate as either pure good or pure evil which is called a “false dichotomy” which is making it look like that two ideas are opposites even if they actually aren’t. False dichotomies posits the idea of “with us or against us” even if there isn’t a clear division between the factions or people being described.

Let’s take for instance the BBL and how it is essentially being shoved this way and that by those who want it approved and those who do not. I have long thought that allowing the Philippines to be federalized and decentralized is a good idea as it will allow us to be able to manage our resources and keep a clear distinction between politicians and celebrities (which I think is another of our bigger problems). Unfortunately, since the deal is being done at gunpoint and with the MILF doing all the terms for us, it seems more like a “surrender” than a “peace talk”.

Also, I am well aware that President Aquino has a lot of detractors out there and calls for his resignation can be heard throughout the internet. More often than not, I find myself agreeing with a lot of his detractors considering the way so many things have gone downhill under his watch like that hostage crisis on a bus so many years ago and the Mamasapano incident just to name a few. Unfortunately, while I will laud the day that he is finally judged by the law, I don’t find it the least bit productive to rant against his personal life such as his current dating habits. If we want justice, let us focus on what is tangible and what is relevant such as his decisions and his refusal to take responsibility for our current issues not on petty little things similar to the shenanigans of his ever-controversial sister Kris.

Look, let’s make this clear, whether or not you take a side or whichever side you choose isn’t really any of my business. But what I’m saying here is this: If you’re going to make any kind of decision, please carefully consider its implications and its consequences. Instead of playing into false dichotomies which are all too often backed by faulty logic in the first place, let us carefully consider what is relevant and what is not and think and do something about the former and not the latter.

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