Lie to ME (KDrama)

The Kdrama poster :P
The Kdrama poster 😛

Lie to me is a typical love story. Even though it’s an asianovela, the script writers who translated it in our language really  extended much effort. It’s ordinary yet it’s a special drama.

The script writer most probably based its story to the “traditional” Three Act Structure of any story wherein there is ACT ONE – THE SET-UP (Boy Meets Girl), ACT TWO – CONFRONTATION (Boy Loses girl – fights to get her back) and ACT THREE – RESOLUTION (Boy Gets Girl). The main theme which everything starts from a lie seemed interesting at the beginning, but then as the story moved on it became typical as other dramas.

The plot is familiar; however, the characters and their circumstances are quite different and so it is still refreshing to watch and to anticipate what is to happen. It has a lot of twists and romantic scenes that every teenager and adult would enjoy.

I consider this show as “Mabenta” to the adults and to teenagers (Esp. Hopeless Romantic ones) of course, maybe the script writer decided to create this story because of what most adults are experiencing nowadays that because of peer pressure, you will be forced to do something unusual just to satisfy them, and satisfy your pride as well.

Actually, the story is about a woman in her mid 20s lying that she was forced into marriage and then a lot of things happen after that. I think the main aim of the script writer is to inspire us and make us fall in love with the characters and the story. The story itself is something exciting to look forward to every episode for the twists.

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