Letter to my future love


Dear you,

Yes, you, silly. Hiiiiii! How are ya? 🙂 I’m not trying to scare you off or something (don’t want you running into the woods and all). Let’s just say that this is some sort of an “overview” about what it would be like to be with me.

First things first. I’m a really moody person. When I say moody, I mean I can be “walking on air happy” one minute then down and emotional the next. But don’t you worry, it can be cured with good music. Just make me listen to really good songs(or you may annoy me, in a cute way, of course, or you can buy me ice cream or kiamoy) and I’m back to being my happy-go-lucky self.

Speaking of which, I really love listening to good music, especially those that make you feel good, chill songs, progressive house, deep house whatever. Yup, house music fan here. But hey, I’m open to other genres. I also like listening to Yiruma and We The Kings. Soooo, if you, by any chance, love music the way I do, please feel free to suggest songs to listen to. I would actually appreciate it.

Friends and family can attest to this, I can be childish (you’d be surprised to find me half-skipping and half walking/running whatevs whenever I’m happy) and extremely insane. But maybe in a good way (hmm). Well one thing’s for sure, if I act like this around you, it simply means I’m comfortable with you. I tend to goof around almost all the time. I am capable of dropping the corniest jokes, and making sarcastic remarks. Please don’t get annoyed with my playful teasing.

I may be stubborn sometimes (well most times). I may contradict you and your opinions and still go for what I think is right (though I may be wrong at times). I know, I know. You worry about me, but please understand that, I need to face my battles on my own. Please let me learn on my own. But I might need your support, too, sometimes. When I go crying because of skinned knees (of course, this is a metaphor), I’d really appreciate it if you’d offer me with comforting words instead of the typical “I told you so”. Oh, and back rubs and ice cream would be nice, too. Teehee! You will have lots of face palm moments when it comes to me. I may frustrate you, but please have patience with me. I want to be a strong woman, too. For myself, for us. For a better world to live in (hahahaha).

Food. Let’s talk about food. Well, about this matter, you should know that though I love food, I prefer small frequent meals. I like weird combos: Chocolate & Chips, for example. I loooove tocilog and sweet ham. Cook these for me and I’ll love you forever (haha). I’m not big on heavy meals and I tend to become a really picky eater sometimes. Please don’t get mad at me for not finishing my food, believe me, I’m really trying to eat as much as I can.

Another thing you should know about me is that I like taking pictures. I like capturing beautiful moments that I can reminisce about in the future. Don’t get annoyed when I take lots of pictures of you and with you. I like you, I like watching you. I like staring at your photos on my phone then smile like an idiot all by myself.

And hey! Let’s go on adventures. Let’s go climb a mountain, cliff dive, bungee jump. Let’s explore foreign cities together. I wanna make memories with you, crazy memories even, that we can talk and laugh about when we both get old. I want us to shake our heads and go “Darn, we we’re really crazy back then, weren’t we?” then laugh about it ’til our stomachs hurt.

In as much as I like partying and dancing with you until our feet go aching, I also want to spend chill moments with you. Let’s have a lazy day at the beach (the beach calms me). You know, just lounging and watching the waves in comfortable silence. Let’s have a bonfire date, there, too! And talk about all things over smores and hotdogs. Let’s talk about things that you’re passionate about, things that I fancy. Let’s talk about dreams, the universe, the evolution of man. Heck, let’s talk about ducks! (Wait, what?) What I’m really talking about is, let’s talk about everything. Let’s get to know more about one another.

Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate it when you write me letters. Post it cards, a torn page from a notebook, a piece of tissue paper. I don’t care. Place it in between book pages and other unexpected places. You can also randomly text me any time of the day, with messages that could make me smile. It makes me feel like you’re thinking about me. And that’s really something.

Little things. It’s all about the little things. Know that even the littlest of things can make me smile. Sunflowers, candies, polite smiles from strangers, a good morning text. Yes. The little things. You might want to spoil me with all things expensive or whatever, but you should know that even the simplest gestures can make my day for as long as they’re done with utmost sincerity. Like you opening doors for me, simple acts of kindness, offering to help me stand up, gentlemanly gestures, etc etc.

I may have trouble opening up to you at times. You may think that I am cold-hearted. But, no. Please don’t let this get you frustrated. I just want to protect my heart. Know that I have experienced pain and heartbreak and spent years recovering. I’ve been lost for months and I don’t ever want to be that pathetic ever again. I’m scared and don’t want to be hurt the same way. I want that my next be worth it.

Lastly, (and most importantly) if you’re going to be part of my life, you should know that I value family. Please understand that they are a huge part of my life and I would do everything for them. Yes, you may want me all to yourself, but bear in mind that I have to be there for them, too. I love my family, and I want you to love them like they’re your own.

Being with me isn’t exactly an easy ride. I’m not an easy person to deal with and we may clash at times. I ask you to bear with me. Know that I love you and I’m trying my best to be better for you. Ours may be a roller coaster ride and we may have our ups and downs. But please be with me through all these. Just hold my hand and fight with me and I promise you this ride will be worth it<3

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