Let Me Tell you this, Ianne

(Photo Credit: fantasyknucklehead)
(Photo Credit:  fantasyknucklehead)
(Photo Credit: fantasyknucklehead)

“In a game called love, the first one to fall becomes the LOSER”

How many of our favorite authors (and even movies) tell us about the wonderful feeling of love? And how many people around us tell us about the excruciating difficulties it could bring?

Yet, we still continue to hope and believe to a Disney happy ever after ending.

You are at the edge of a cleft of love and is about to fall but you’re still hanging for your dear life because of fear that no one will be there to catch you at the bottom. That’s why you are so confused . . . badly confused. Because is no reassurance that the feeling is mutual (and worse, there can be another person in the equation). Oh, that damn feeling when you don’t know what you’re disposition is, when you always wonder what you are or who you are for him, and when you always ask if you’re given importance as a special person or just as a friend. I know that sucks. Maybe it’s right to assume whatever unless being told. But hey! One won’t assume if there’s no previously given motive. And that sucks too! Sadly, even at this stage, you’ve already been suffering, what more when you really get there?

I already told you about the changes I noticed on you compared from your previous “crush-slash-like-slash-puppy love” experiences. The way you react, the way you smile, the way you express (or hide) your “kilig” and that look on your eyes when we talk about it. It’s far different . . . and far more serious. So if asked if you really are in-love, well, only you can answer that. There can be never be right or wrong answer, you just have to “evaluate” yourself of what you really feel. It’s not just about the symptoms of tachycardia, butterflies in the stomach, insomnia, tunnel vision (it’s him you can only see), hyperactive endorphins and serotonins with your activated sympathetic nervous system and sometimes anorexia, blank staring and delusions. It’s about your capability to accept him for who he is and despite what he is. It’s about your capability to trust and respect him and believe that he will do the same. It’s about your willingness and ability to tolerate, or rather endure the possibility and reality of pain and other consequences. Close your eyes. Are you ready to be that girl for him?

Haven’t I told you that I will always be here to support you no matter what your decision is and no matter what will happen? You knew that already. But ever wonder why I didn’t tell you to stop despite the possibility that you might just end up getting hurt given your personal circumstances? Because I know that whatever the outcome will be, it will always be worth it. Being your TSEB, I think you should also experience and feel whatever is there to have. Well, that’s part of learning, a part of life? Discovering the mysteries of love. Either you’ll be happy or get a broken heart.

But so what? At least you tried. Years from now, you can tell yourself that you had the guts to try. No what if’s, no regrets. And perhaps the most important part is you’ll always have something to learn – lessons you can always use if needed or lessons you may also pass to others, lessons you can always keep as you move along. But while you are here at the tantalizing stage of waiting and confusion, we, your friends, will always be at your side to guide you. Let the things happen on its course. Enjoy the moments and treasure the memories. Because with those you know you’re happy.

They say learning is always a gift even if pain is your teacher. Believe that. And believe what the people you love will tell you. And what do I want to tell you right now? I’ll allow you to get hurt but make sure to learn a lesson. Don’t worry. You can always come back to me and cry. I’ll give you a hug and a pat on your shoulder. I’ll wipe your tears so you can face the world with head high and a smile on your face. So don’t be afraid and be truthful to yourself and your feelings. And if ever you’ll find the right person to give you the reason to be whole and complete and put everything to its right places I’ll be the first one to be happy for you. …(this also goes with all of my TSEBs and friends)

 “we accept the love we think we deserve”-The Perks of Being a Wallflower

(sa lahat ng lalaking pacaring, pasweet, pacute, paasa at pafall, sinasadya man o hindi, pwede hinay-hinay? Nakakasakit kayo minsan oh!)

P.S. this doesn’t mean na hindi ako reresbak sa taong mananakit sa  ’yo. Ano siya siusuwerte?

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