“Let America Take Over The Government of the Phils!!”

The US has always been the saving grace for most Filipinos and the people are very thankful for what America has done throughout the country’s history. From education, to its political system, and popular culture, America has exerted so much influence on the Philippines that some Filipinos are not able to identify with their own cultural identity.


This image was posted by a Filipino who stated that this is a temporary call for US intervention until the country is back on its feet.

It’s quite humiliating and demoralizing that some Filipinos are willing to give up their own government to another country because they have given up hope that their own people will be able to make a difference for their own country.

Instead of looking outward for saviors, now is the time to look amongst ourselves for heroes. To support another as a community, and volunteer to help those who are struggling. Take your country back and don’t allow a calamity or a broken government to destroy your PRIDE!

“Do You Hear The People Sing?”

“Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes! “


  1. Okay I know I am getting in late on this topic. Yes I know I am not Filipino. I am an American, who happens to have many years in the the PI, have family in the PI, including my wife and daughter, My uncle married a Filipina in the 60’s, and I lived for over 3 years in Tarlac City, Tarlac.
    I understand Tagalog and speak “kaunti lang”, i get tongue tide when I try to speak lol but i try.
    Anyway about giving up control of your country, even for a short time could never be the right answer. Yes there is corruption running a muck in Manila and at every government office all the way down to the smallest baranggay. But that is no reason to give up on your government. I can’t imagine the USA saying okay lets give up our country to let someone else come control it. Imagine after 9/11 and Katrina tore this country up and we said “We want England to come back and run our government until we recover. Yes there was a lot of talk about how poorly our officials handled both situations, but NEVER did we say let give control over to someone else. And yes there is just as much corruption in our government ,it is just not as visible.
    The Answers to all your county’s problems lies with in your boarders already. It is the PEOPLE OF THE PILIPINAS!!!!! You have control who you elect into office, you have control them. Don’t except the few peso tokens or the gifts from the wealthy family to put them in office. I have seen first hand how it happens in the PI. Stand up Like Benigno Aquino and vote with your heart and head, not with your hand and a politicians wallet. remember were that guy got his money to pay for your vote. Itcame from you in the first place. Stop electing people who only want to be in the spot light. To many of your politicians are from the same families and only get elected because their from a famous family or they them selves are someone you looked up to or idolized from television. You have good smart people in your country , that is obvious from all of the great discovery’s and inventions that the Filipino people produce. Look at you candidates and get involved with you government. You are a great people and have so much to offer. Get your kids educated by electing the right people at every level. Yes I know that bag of rice your family got fed you for a month but then where were you? Elect someone who will help bring jobs, development and lasting changes to your country. Your ancestors fought and died for your freedom, don’t give it back for temporary assistance.Could not imagine what Rizal would write today on this site if he say his people asking to give up control of his Pilipinas that he died for. Or Benigno going through all he did just to give up control of the nation. Trust me I know that just because he was a great politician and person does not mean all of his off spring are meant to be in politics.
    Yes the people who have been effected by the super typhoon and the earthquake need more from their government now and it may have been handled poorly by your government, but you as a nation have the ( to use a name from your history) PEOPLE POWER to prevent this from happening again by cleaning house in every level of government and letting them know corruption will not be tolerated at even the baranggay level.
    I am thankful that efforts all around the world are helping pick up the peaces after the typhoon devistation, accept their help, but you can stand again on your own with out the intervention of outsiders.
    My Ninong and Ninang both told me all these years ago that I should thing twice, trice and thing again about getting married to the Filippina I fell in love with. they also gave her the same advice lol, to make sure that is what we both wanted. I would say the same to you my Pinoy brothers and sister, it was good advise.

  2. Tinotoo kasi ng mga mamuno sa atin yun sinabi ni Manuel Quezon: I would rather see the Philippines run like Hell by the Filipinos rather than the Philippines run like Heaven by the Americans. Can you blame some Filipinos if they want America to take over the country???? Pinahirap tayo ng mga politiko natin, hindi sana mahirap ang Pilipinas kung hindi sa mga hayup, walanghiya at magnanakaw na poliko natin.Sila ang sumira sa Pilipinas.

  3. Fuck that looking into ourselves, we need drastic measures pasakop uli tayo sa mga Kano. As long as nandiyan yung mga pamilya ng mga pulitiko patuloy ang dynasty sa bansa dapat ilikom sila at itapon na sa dagat, pagkatapos pasakop tayo sa Kano….

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