Last day

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It’s been a month, since the last day we’ve been together.

Last day that we shared lying on my bed hugging and cuddling.

Last day were we’d shared laughter and tears.

The day we pretend that we’re okay, and everything was fine.

Trying to fix everything that has been broken.

Trying to find answers why lots of things need to happen.

Why we need to separate ways.

And why we let each other go.

Why we both decide that we both need freedom.

We decide to live life without each other and face reality without each others arms.

Why things like this need to happen.

Why we need to face the world alone.

That was the day that haunts me every night.

The day that left me a big question mark.

That until now still can’t find the better answer why.

I’m still longing for you.

Still longing for your hugs and kisses.

That makes me warm and safe.

Still longing were can I find the face who smiled at me.

The face and smile that I saw everyday that made my day complete and give me strength to face the world with a smile.

If I could turn back time.

I’m still longing for you.

I miss you so much.

I miss the old us.

I miss the partnership.

I miss the laughters.

I miss our relationship.

I miss everything.

Everything about us…


I still don’t know every time I think of you a lot of things come into my mind, that I can write everything I felt for you. When I think of you, I cant stop myself fromwriting. I always find myself typing and crying. Reminiscing what we had before and what we are before.

Can we still save our dying relationship?

And continue what has been end?

Or is it too late and hopeless…

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