Kidney transplant…is there H-O-P-E?

As the world marks #KidneyAwarenessMonth for the entire March, I NEVER would have thought that I will be a part of the rising number of people with this dreaded kidney condition. I NEVER would have imagined that I will be needing dialysis just to live a day and NEVER did it cross my mind that I will have to go through a kidney transplant to live a normal quality of life again.

But I guess EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Nothing happens without any PURPOSE. And God must have allowed me to go through this in life so that I can be OF HELP to people with the same kidney condition and help them with their plight. God must have put me on a very important mission in life: to INSPIRE people who have lost hope; INFORM people about this kidney condition which has become prevalent across the world today; and in my own little way SAVE SOULS with my rekindled faith in Jesus Christ.

This past few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for me—of BLISS, when I saw America again for nth time and experienced doing things a normal peson can do like flying, traveling, driving and loving a girl; HEARTBREAK when some of the things that I’ve planned went South; and now DISAPPOINTMENT when the most important thing to me (kidney transplant) didn’t turn out as I expected…

Jesus Christ, I honestly felt hurt, sad and heartbroken again. But I neither felt anger, discouragement nor cried this time. Why? I guess I’ve learned to trust You now more than ever. As that passage in the Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God”. Okay, Lord, I get it now. You are God and I am just a man. I hear and obey. Your ways are better than mine; You know better than I do; and Your time is always perfect.

Dear God, I don’t mind waiting for a little while for my new kidney as long as I have You in my heart I know that You, alone, provide; You, alone, are enough; and You, alone, can heal me. As I always say, if it is Your will that I get a new kidney, I know in my heart’s heart that You will give it to me maybe not now, but soon. Already, I believe that You have healed me when I accepted You as my Lord and Savior. Should I still get a kidney transplant, it shall be done not only to make me well, but ultimately, to give praise, honor and glory to You, Jesus Christ.

My life is all Yours, God. Yours to plan, to decide and prosper, and mine to live out according to Your divine will. Jesus, Your will, not mine, be done!