Just Another Lost Soul

Lost soul (Photo credit: blogspot)
Lost soul (Photo credit: blogspot)
Lost soul (Photo credit: blogspot)
Lost soul (Photo credit: blogspot)

She’s too wrapped up in pain. It’s all she ever know. She’s lost in the world of dark shadows. She’s trapped in that realm – broken, shattered.

She puts on a strong facade, her game face on. Masking every thing with a smile.


Her eyes scream the TRUTH, though she still tries to hide – making it look like she’s doing just fine.


Yes, she’s alive, yet she’s not truly living. She’s breathing death like it had become her lifeblood. She is NOTHING but an EMPTY VESSEL. A screen for events to pass through, that’s all she is. Who could ever live their lives like that? Such a futile pathetic existence indeed. What a waste.

She lost her essence. She lost her drive. She let her guard down. BELIEVED. Too bad they were all lies. No longer is she unscathed. The darkness in her soul is back. In a snap, just like that. The cuts no one will ever see. The scars that may never heal. She lost HERSELF when she learned how to feel.

What pity. What a shame.

She’s on the road to eternal damnation.

Her life withering away, every hour, every minute, every second. For she had been FORSAKEN. Betrayed by the very person she trusted the most. She’s been reduced into NOTHINGJUST ANOTHER LOST SOUL.

Yet she’s still not giving up despite these all.

Barely breathing, barely living but still hanging on. Hanging on to that last thread of hope, that she’ll make it through. Frail and wounded she is, but she’s still fighting. Searching her way out of that dark cavern, paddling in the sea of misery.

Indeed, she’s in hell. But she can still make it through. She lifts her arms unto heaven, bow down her head and PRAY. That’s all she can do now. Believe in the HIGHER POWER ,greater than the darkness that’s taking over her soul, greater than the misery engulfing her existence, greater than the pits of hell threatening to swallow her whole.

Maybe not now, or not any time soon. But she knows she’ll find her way back, back to the road of LIFE. Her prayers will be granted. And that day will come when…

…no longer she has to pretend. No longer does she need to fake a smile. Everything will get better in TIME, in GOD’s PERFECT TIME.


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