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(Photo Credit : Style.mtv)
(Photo Credit : Style.mtv)

Hey to all Girls out there! 🙂

When You’re in a status of being in-love, You should know where Your place is..

In that case, You save Yourself from hurting. Know all the RULES and save Your heart from being hurt.


RULE #1:  Just enjoy the feelings! Specially when you’re in the  getting-to-know -each-other  stage.

RULE #2: Let Him fall in love  more than You are gonna fall in-love with Him.

RULE #3: You have to know Him. Read His mind rather than Him reading You.

RULE #4: Know the details and make  sure it will gonna Fit on You both.

RULE #5: Just always place Your card near your chest. You should know how  You’re gonna play the GAME OF LOVE. You should know how to gamble.

RULE #6: Be a CHALLENGE. Don’t let yourself be challenged by him. It should be you.

RULE #7: If you have questions, ask. Always ask. Open Conversation will do no harm with our pride.

RULE #8: Be on a safe side always. Make it in a Balance and make sure that all things will fall into the right place.

RULE #9: Have some precautions like know Him better than Him knowing You more.

RULE #10: Be a DAREDEVIL. Being a daredevil is someone who is not scared to TAKE THE RISK.


How should You save your heart from hurting? simply,..

– Never EXPECT. Too much expectation may Lead you on your demand.

– Never DEMAND. It may lead You for assuming even if You’re not so sure for a thing You ever wanted.

– Never ASSUME. That keeps You believing just to get the same love You want.


You also have to know..

– Your LIMITS.

– Where You stand.

– Your Role.


You barely even DON’T…






– Go with the FLOW.

– Stay HAPPY.



“I’m not saying I’m perfect, I know I’m far from it. I’m just saying I’m worth it.”

Mabuti nang mauna kaysa maunahan ka hahahaha! whew! 🙂

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