Jinggoy should be the next President

kris3It is not Jojo Binay, nor Mar Roxas. It is not even Bong Revilla.

If there’s anyone that stood out among the congregation of anxious and ambitious presidential wannabes, he is not one of those three. If there is anybody who has the wherewithals to catapult this third-world country to the top, in the shortest conceivable time, he could not be less than Jinggoy Estrada.

Jinggoy, like his father Erap, is destined for greatness. If the pinnacle of greatness in Philippine politics means being the president, then there’s no doubt the man deserves to be one.

An epitome of a true statesman in the league of Claro M. Recto, Jose Diokno and Lorenzo Tanada, Jinggoy has more than often displayed the eloquence of a Roman senator and the wit of Greek orator every single time he delivers a powerful speech that, in almost all instances, captivates his audience with awe, and even more, with admiration.

This should not be a wonder to anyone, the man being the son of a great leader himself, Erap, a prolific actor whose divinity in the entertainment industry is only matched by his pre-eminence in politics.

The name he carries – Estrada – is a name etched on public consciousness that is synonymous with humility, honesty and sincere public service. A name perennially challenged yet remained untainted by corruption through the years, and has withstood all forms of unfounded criticisms and accusations.

His involvement in the pork barrel scam is, to say the least, without a shred of truth in it, and must have been only be cultivated by those who constantly seek to destroy his stellar political career.

What’s wrong has he done anyway? As a senator, it is not his obligation to check whether the Napoles NGOs where his PDAF was diverted are bogus or not. It is not his obligation; it is somebody else’s, period!

An incorruptible leader and a politician par excellence, his clean and unparalleled record in public service, both as a mayor and a senator, is one of the factors why intelligent and discerning Filipino voters kept on electing him into office.

And not to mention his showbiz appeal and charisma that gave him blockbuster movies, one after the other, even challenging the records set by his father’s close friend, FPJ.

As to the pork scam, I agree with his defense, why are they being singled out? It is not a matter of whether they are guilty or not, but why the selective persecution?

The truth is very certain that he is innocent from all the allegations, and that he has never pocketed a single cent from the taxpayers’ money. His wealth and his properties, even if those have soared in just a span of a few years, are all from honest business dealings and not from pork kickbacks.

And what about this woman, Ruby Tuason, who said she brought a bagful of cash to Jinggoy’s office in the Senate? Of course, those were only foods or snacks or kakanin. They were that close before that her mother’s friend has to bring him something to eat even while in session.

Food, men, in duffle bags! And not money like the woman claimed.

He could not have done such things. That is against the virtue his father has taught him, and he only live by his father’s example.

I could go on a laundry list why Jinggoy should be the next president, but that would be giving away an impression that I am his ardent fan and supporter, rather quite very obviously, if I hadn’t already.

That’s why we need men exactly like Jinggoy. His moral credentials are what every Filipino has been seeking in a president who would finally pull us out of our deplorable state.

That’s why we can’t allow his imminent, yet unwarranted arrest to happen.

Jinggoy doesn’t deserve the jail. He deserves Malacanang.

Jails are for criminals, for crooks, for plunderers.

Malacanang is for great men, honest men, like Jinggoy.

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Author: necessary_evil of DFBI family

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